Jonathan Groff And Raul Castillo Reunite During Pride Weekend

With the finale to HBO’s two-season series Looking still in the pipeline (Queerty hears it will be a two-hour film the network will broadcast early next year), members of the tight-knit cast have moved on to other projects but still find time to hang out, demonstrating their chemistry wasn’t just on camera. During New York’s boisterous Pride weekend, Raúl Castillo (Richie) caught up with Jonathan Groff (Patrick) backstage at the City Center Theatre where the latter is headlining a production of A New Brain. Check out the warm smiles and the knowing gaze into one another’s eyes that comes only with loving familiarity. So what if Castillo is straight in real life? We’re founding members of Team Richie so let us have our fun.

 However, if you’re Team Kevin, last week Russell Tovey posted a pic taken during the filming of the original series that bore the caption “Soon to be reunited with my Jonathan Groff.” It seems debate over the torrid love triangle will soon rage again.

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