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PHOTOS: You’ll Stop Looking Once You Find Raúl Castillo

Since we clearly can’t stop crushing on straight guys these days, we may as well put it all out on the table: Raúl Castillo is a babe.

The Looking star has thoroughly won us over as Richie, the Mission District haircutter/bouncer with a big heart and bigger lips (mmm…).

Unfortunately the only way we’ll ever get the chance to lock lips with him is if we’re cast as the trick that eventually breaks up his pretend relationship on the show (a girl can dream) — Raul bats for the other team when the cameras are off.

But that won’t stop our schoolgirl crush. Because he’s just so damn cute when he…

Gets asked the hard questions

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.05.00 PM

Turns you to putty while out on the town with his costars


Shaves his head

Still from the short Kiss Me

Plays the ingenue 

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.49.14 AM

Serenades you dressed as a Mexican cowboy

Student Academy Award-winning short Narcocorrido

Perfects his coif

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.21.17 AM

Gets on stage


Flashes his adorable grin


Does nothing at all

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.42.26 AM

Gets on stage again…sans shirt


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  • stranded

    Anybody watch My Mad Fat Diary? I never really noticed, but he kind of looks like a latino version of Nico Mirallegro, who plays Finn.

    I hope Richie is clean shaven for now on, he’s a lot better looking without the beard, imo.

  • MikeE

    I must be the only gay guy who never “crushes” on straight guys. I’m starting to feel left out. Just the thought that a guy is straight, or even bi, is a big turn off for me. Oh well.

  • sportsguy1983

    Jut an average looking guy. nothing special to look at

  • StephK

    sportsguy1983 Yes, he is pretty much an average guy..well, maybe a little more than …but with his smile and the non-neurotic and pretty grounded character he is portraying, he floats my boat.

  • Cam

    FINALLY! I enjoyed last weeks episode of Looking for more reasons than “It’s a gay show, I’d better watch it”. I was getting there with the date episode, but the wedding may have won me over.

    Ok, Patric is still an barely believable combination of narcissism and weirdly in appropriate childlike behavior. And I do get tired of the overly dramatic fights where one person gets too upset.

    But when Augstine’s boyfriend and Patrick’s mother handed them both their asses, basically pointing out to them that their major problems were self inflicted…well nicely done.

    So Looking…were you just making us dislike these characters so it would be so enjoyable when they were finally told off? :)

  • Zodinsbrother

    He really doesn’t do it for me.

  • NG22

    I like Richie and I find Raúl cute, but I am obsessed with Russell Tovey and I’m totally shipping Patrick and Kevin. The chemistry between those two is absolutely intoxicating, especially in the Folsom and Wedding episodes.

    And @Cam: the writers created all of these characters to be existentially flawed, just like all human beings. The point was for them to make mistakes, so they could hopefully learn from them. The show is about the process of living–they’re looking for external and internal love; they’re looking to improve their lives. If the characters were perfect from the beginning, there’d be nowhere for them to go but down. Jonathan Groff openly says that Patrick is immature and has a lot to learn. That was the intention from the beginning. They did not make a mistake. This is how the show was constructed.

  • DistingueTraces

    V. v. charming.

  • Apparatus

    I will take Mexican Cowboy Raúl. Yum!

  • Cam


    The problem is, the flaws to a certain extent were too broad and not very well written. And Johnathan Groff is too used to playing younger than his age. He Mistakes Patrick being naive with Patrick being a regressed child. and Agustin is basically a sociopath.

  • Aromaeus

    I don’t see how anyone can find Raul average but swoon over Tovey unless you have some inherit belief that white is always the best by default. Tovey is cute don’t get me wrong but just on facial structure alone Raul is definitely more attractive.

  • Apparatus


    PREACH. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Ryan45

    Kevin comes across as a bit of an asshole to me. I don’t like him.

  • evdanker

    @sportsguy1983: Same for me. Queerty must have lowered its standards.

  • mz.sam

    No breeder crush for me and nothing to bring home to mom…fortunately, the main castmates are gay.

  • Ryan45

    Richie, on the other hand, is beautiful.

  • NG22

    @Aromaeus: It seemed like you were in part referencing my post. I can only speak for myself, and not others. Don’t get me wrong–I think Raúl Castillo is a really sexy man. I’m not white, and I don’t endorse European standards of beauty. If anything, I tend to be attracted to more Latino men than any other group, though I think there are beautiful men of all colors. I was not comparing Raúl’s appearance to Russell Tovey’s appearance, and I certainly was not saying Russell is better looking because he’s white. Of course Raúl is the more handsome actor out of the two.

    What I was saying is that I’m obsessed with Russell as a person. I visit his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and he’s just a very interesting guy. I think it’s sexy that he’s gay, and openly so. I don’t have a shot with either one, but I don’t have much interest in fawning over a straight man like Raúl–sexy as he is. Also, Russell has the most adorable French bulldog, Rocky, who is all over Russell’s Instagram. Rocky is everything, and Russell’s love for Rocky really humanizes him. Russell has a great sense of humor. And I like to hear him talk about his life in London because I lived in London for a period of time, and I love the United Kingdom. Don’t you see? It has nothing to do with appearance. I just know more about Russell’s personality. But in regards to Russell’s appearance, of course I’m attracted to him, but I also like that he’s a bit insecure. I find sensitive or vulnerable men to be really sexy, and I find self-deprecation to be humanizing.

    That’s all talking about real life, though. On the show, I think Kevin and Patrick have a more intense chemistry than Richie and Kevin. There’s so much intrigue. So much will-they-or-won’t-they that I long for a more satisfying climax (literally). So maybe racial bias was part of other people’s perspectives, but I assure you that couldn’t be further from reality for me. My comment was removed from appearance. I don’t always think the best-looking guy is the best guy.

  • NG22

    @NG22: ***…more intense chemistry than Richie and Patrick.***

  • Jbaltes

    He does nothing for me…and this show is sort of lackluster, I think. Keep hoping it’s going to get better…

  • balehead

    What a bunch of sad liars on this post!…

  • BB45

    the show needs to use only gay actors.

  • Cam


    I get that your only purpose is to try to lob grenades. But if you are going to do that, you should just at least read the postings to find out if your phony post even makes sense.

    It doesn’t.

  • babybabybaby

    He is the only reason to watch this show…

  • Desert Boy

    He looks like the young Mexican cowboy singers you see in Mexico. Especially, in Juarez, Monterrey, and Veracruz. I’ve seen so many of them over the years I’ve traveled through Mexico.

  • tohe

    Nah, I’ll keep on lookin’

  • Niall

    It kinda irks me slightly that even in a cable/not that mainstream gay show, they still couldn’t actually find another hispanic gay man for his character?

  • bma83

    i looooooooved this man when i first saw him on Looking. I found him so very sexy. But now that I know he is straight I don’t find him attractive any more. I’m sorry, but i hate str8 guys (or women) playing gay roles. I hate it! Give some gay actor the exposure. I’m black. The idea of a someone of another race pretending to be black in a movie of tv show would piss me off. this is pretty much the same thing.

  • james_in_cambridge

    @Cam: Thank you! Agustin is just so damn despicable! But admittedly real; I know sociopaths like him but I feel like punching the screen every time he comes on.

  • Luis Velazquez

    Every time this boy smiles I get weak in the knees

  • Marcos Villareal

    His character was not a positive gay Latino representation

  • Felix Duarte

    I liked it. I don’t think any of the characters were necessarily ‘positive representations’. I still liked the show. It was entertaining.

  • Felix Duarte

    And yeah I’m going to miss Raúl’s handsome self.

  • Kioni Ohana Stich

    Of course Pinche Gato hole is gaping right now lol

  • Jairo Mendez

    Si lo voy a Extrañar.

  • Gary_Gans

    @MikeE: You are not alone. Why look at the menu when you can’t taste it?

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