Russell Tovey Baffled By Becoming “Worst Gay Ever,” Half-Apologizes For Comments

russell-tovey-jonathan-groffYesterday the internet was divided over comments made by Looking actor Russell Tovey in an interview with The Guardian.

You can read more about that here.

Essentially, he expressed gratitude towards his father for not allowing him to go to a performing arts high school which might have made him a “more effeminate, tap dancing freak,” instead attending a school he feels “toughened him up.” His acting career, Russell contends, benefitted as a result.

Some readers thought we were making a mountain out of a mole hill by suggesting his comments were off-base, while many others took offense, feeling his words fell in line with a pattern of gay men casting shame on femme identity.

Russell, for his part, took to Twitter to sort-of apologize.

He fired off this series of Tweets:

We’re not sure if everyone will look back on this with “fascination and amusement,” but we’re certainly not branding him the worst gay ever. Not while these guys are around.