Jones Doubts Haggard Apology

While we don’t know what Navajo Presidential candidate Linda Lovejoy thinks about gay-marriage, we do know that Mike Jones, the hooker who brought down Evangelical leader, Ted Haggard (pictured), does not approve of Haggard’s Sunday sermon apology.
According to The Denver Post, Jones found Haggard’s letter to be a bit too mawkish. Further, he urges Haggard, with whom Jones says he had a three-year “working” affair, to come out as a homo.

If I was going to issue an apology, it would be a paragraph long. [Haggard] was definitely pulling the emotional strings for his followers… Ted, you need to be honest with yourself… If you’re a gay man, you’re a gay man.

As you know, Jones’ honesty has landed him in a bit of a dangerous position. He’s taken down one of the most powerful religious leaders in America, shattering the “dreams” of nearly 30 million Evangelicals by revealing Haggard’s allegedly true cocksucking, meth smoking colors. Not surprisingly, he’s received a few death threats.

Despite the hubub, Jones can’t help but feel that Haggard will end up on top, so to speak. The Denver Post reports:

The former escort predicted Haggard would disappear for a while, then emerge as a man who has been “cured” of homosexuality. Jones also believes Haggard will use the opportunity, write a book and make millions.

Jones said he would visit the New Life Church if he was invited. “I’d love to go down and sit in on services and see how I’m received,” he said. “I would like them to see that I am a human being. What I feel sorry for is they still believe in him.”

We feel sorry that they still believe in him, too. Or, rather, that they believe his homosexuality’s a tool of the devil that Haggard can overcome through some good ol’ fashioned prayer. What we really feel badly about is that Haggard’s not using this opportunity to help alter Evangelical sexual ideology.

But, you know, that’s just us.