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Jose Canseco: If My Dad Sees Me Playing Gay On Celebrity Apprentice, ‘He’s Basically Gonna Kill Me’

At least Richard Hatch got play out the fantasy of spending one wild night with Jose Canseco before heading off to prison. The ex-baller and Celebrity Apprentice contestant played gay in a faux television ad where he was one-half of a couple living abroad in Argentina. And while he appeared to be enjoying himself on set, Canseco was worried about the aftermath: “My Twitter is gonna blow up, all my friends are gonna make fun of me, and if my father sees this, he’s gonna basically kill me.” And The Donald won’t be there to mop up the fag mess.

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  • Ed

    I’m not sure if it were different people on the mens team if I would have liked the commercial. Instead, you had Lil Jon getting hysterical about how funny the fag punchline was and John Rich wondering if it was going to offend the company’s conservative base. I would have appreciated seeing anyone, and I know it wouldn’t be Trump since he’s proven himself to be homophobic, ask the team, “When you were considering this theme, did anyone ask if they thought gays may be offended?” Done by anyone else, the commercial could have been cute but the homophobia was present in the planning stages even though in the boardroom the men tried to appear as if they were trying to send some kind of message.

  • Qjersey

    Gee welcome to our world

  • lestic

    @Ed: Yes, exactly! Everyone kept talking about risky it was, and for a while I was like– risky because they’re mentioning gay people to a conservative base, or risky because they’re making gay people a homophobic punchline? I guess I was just being optimistic. I wish someone had even raised the question!!!! So infuriating.

  • McMike

    Yup, not once was the question of it being offensive to the LGBT community was brought up and one has to wonder if it was because the commercial itself wasn’t the offensive part but the obvious homophobia coming from the contestants. I did notice, however, the only person really making obnoxious statements was Little Jon and as anyone can tell you the guy who is making all the comments is the one who has gotten something to hide.

  • McMike

    btw, the most offensive aspect of the commercial is Canseco trying to sound as gay as possible. I do not know ANY gay man who says ‘hello’ in such an extreme gay voice. What is the deal with America’s media where they’re too chicken shite to show 2 gay men together without one, if not both, being extremely effeminate?

  • The sane Francis

    For starters, John Rich is a known closet case. So, I’m not even going there with anything he said.

    Secondly, Lil John is a guy whose career is based on saying “Yeeeeahhhhh!” and producing shitty rap videos. What more do you expect from him?

    As for Canseco, he simply came off as an insecure straight guy out of his element. The fact his friends and family would “kill him” just for playing a role on a reality TV show says wonders. Maybe he should get less homophobic friends. Of course, when your entire life revolves around being “macho” and putting on a show for everyone, then of course you’re going to be extremely insecure.

    The show was very offensive, they were mocking gay men and couples, simple as, and I expect GLAAD or some gay watchdog group to be on this within days if not hours.

  • niles

    oh come on, this is “reality” television, they are desperate to try and create some sort of controversy or drama.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    How has this train wreck of a show managed to stay on the air so long? I tried watching it, because I really like Meatloaf, but just couldn’t finish an entire episode.

  • tazz602

    Oh get over yourself girlfriend. No one cares about a washed up steroid abuser, least of all your father.

  • Darling Nikki

    Canseco playing gay?
    Geez, look at his history. He and Mark McGwire were supposedly plopping steroids into each others bums in the lockerroom.
    He dated Madonna.
    Please, his father should’ve seen the signs long ago and did us all a favor and mercy killed him. He has a twin, Ozzie, so his father would still have that face to look at.

  • KevinVancouver

    uggghhh I watched this and was instantly offended , fer fuck sake that twat Trump went on the record saying that the Chinese are not America’s friends.. racist and homophobic it’s the American Way !! what the fuck is soo controversial about two fuckin men in a relationship its 2011 your country is soo fuckin backwards I feel sorry for all Y’all..

  • Mark

    I was shocked by this whole episode! I was really expecting the whole idea to explode in their faces because it was so blatantly homophobic… but then the crowd embraced it!

    Very disheartening. Just when you think you’ve gone mainstream you’re reminded that to many, you’re a joke!

  • The sane Francis

    I don’t know if everyone there embraced it, Mark. And those that did, we don’t know their intentions, or why they were supportive. I’m not going to just say everyone there is homophobic, instead we need to focus on the real homophobes in this situation, primarily Donald Trump, Lil John, and the closeted John Rich.

  • Oprah

    Mr. Buff guy is gay. Any middle aged man who thinks he is still a boy and thinks his dad will kill him if he is gay, is –cough cough…gay. :)

  • Bootsiegee

    I was also very offended by the entire episode. If you had the same set up and “Tommy” brought out his girlfriend who was black and started tap dancing while eating a watermelon, everyone would be up in arms. Take the same sceanrio and insert clearly homophobic comments and what can only be described as a gay affectation (Pablo waving his fingers and says hello) and it is laugh riot. Once again we are shown that we are nothing more than punchlines to the american public at large. The fact that these a**holes were rewarded for this POS was even more insulting.

    Lastly, anyone who saw the Sureal Life on VH1 when Jose was on it knows that he was in drag at least once if not twice and developed a fondness for lipgloss from one of the women. If that didn’t make his father want to kill him, nothing will.

  • Jeff

    Yawn. Get over yourselves and quit with the self-pity. No one cares. The gay community on average has it far better than most of America. As long as the circuit parties (ie barebacking and meth) are kept in check, all will be fine.

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