Joseph Gordon-Levitt Working On LGBT-Inclusive Adaptation Of “Sandman” Comic

sandmanSometimes a whole bunch of different people that you like but never expected to mingle do just that: they all sort of mush together in one big ball, and it’s perfect. For example, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Gaiman and Tori Amos.

JG-L will produce a movie version of Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman graphic novels, and we are beyond delighted. He may appear in it as well — it’s still too early to say.

This is exciting news, and not just because the books are fantastic. They also contain a slew of LGBT characters whom we can’t wait to see on the big screen.

There’s Cluracan, is a courtier of the Queen of Faerie and a troublemaking trickster who prefers the company of men. And there’s Hazel and Foxglove, a lesbian couple who embark on a rescue mission. Chantal and Zelda are another fascinating lesbian couple; they collect spiders and have a storyline involving AIDS. And there’s also Wanda, a trans woman whose relationship with her parents is … unfortunate.

But maybe the queerest thing about the Sandman books is the unexpected appearance of the Tori-inspired character Delirium. “Delirium was created before I met Tori, but we steal shamelessly from each other,” he once told an interviewer. Emotional and unpredictable, Delirium is chaotic and manic and a lot of fun. Would Tori play her in the film? Probably not, since Delirium is supposed to be a teenager. But a little background walk-on would not be out of place.