Joseph Gordon-Levitt Working On LGBT-Inclusive Adaptation Of “Sandman” Comic

sandmanSometimes a whole bunch of different people that you like but never expected to mingle do just that: they all sort of mush together in one big ball, and it’s perfect. For example, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Gaiman and Tori Amos.

JG-L will produce a movie version of Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman graphic novels, and we are beyond delighted. He may appear in it as well — it’s still too early to say.

This is exciting news, and not just because the books are fantastic. They also contain a slew of LGBT characters whom we can’t wait to see on the big screen.

There’s Cluracan, is a courtier of the Queen of Faerie and a troublemaking trickster who prefers the company of men. And there’s Hazel and Foxglove, a lesbian couple who embark on a rescue mission. Chantal and Zelda are another fascinating lesbian couple; they collect spiders and have a storyline involving AIDS. And there’s also Wanda, a trans woman whose relationship with her parents is … unfortunate.

But maybe the queerest thing about the Sandman books is the unexpected appearance of the Tori-inspired character Delirium. “Delirium was created before I met Tori, but we steal shamelessly from each other,” he once told an interviewer. Emotional and unpredictable, Delirium is chaotic and manic and a lot of fun. Would Tori play her in the film? Probably not, since Delirium is supposed to be a teenager. But a little background walk-on would not be out of place.

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  • Homophile

    JGL = swoon worthy.

  • jwtraveler

    @Homophile: Agreed. Definitely a hottie. And a brain and a personality to go with it.

  • BBellairs

    I thought he was cute on Third Rock From the Sun, he just gets better and hotter with age!

  • zoompietro

    Well as long as Neil is given the proper amount of control and approval, this will probably be really good. Maybe we can get a new Swamp Thing movie too.

  • doug105

    @BBellairs: And was even cuter putting the make one Eric on that 70’s show.

  • Anna D. Croom

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  • Niall

    I’d love to see how they adapt it, it can get a little pretentious at times.

  • tigglywuff

    I don’t know much about Sandman stuff, but it always seemed cool. But I just looked some of the characters up and it looks like Foxglove and Hazel end up doing that Queer as Folk shit (or actually, the other way around– I’m sure Sandman came first) where a lesbian ~makes an honest mistake~ and sleeps with a man while in a relationship with her female partner.
    I’m so sick of writers making lesbians sleep with men (and worse, get pregnant by them). I’ve seen it happen in several stories/tv shows (The Kids are Alright is another example, I’m pretty sure Tina pulls that crap in The L Word, too) and it’s just annoying. And kind of insulting.
    I know that’s this rant is only vaguely related to the article, but I had to get it off my chest. STOP MAKING LESBIANS SLEEP WITH MEN, DAMMIT!

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