JP Calderon’s Bed Needs Warming

“No one talks to me,” claims gay model JP Calderon, who came out last February. Despite being on both Survivor, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and being super fucking attractive, it seems poor Calderon can’t get a date. So, in an effort to boost his bed notches, Calderon tells Oh la la Blog, “I want to meet someone!” Interested in making Calderon a happy homo? Leave him a love note on his website.

In addition to lamenting his lonely heart, Calderon opens up about his late father:

My life changed right before Survivor when my dad died. It is the most important thing that has happened to me; I felt free. I never had a good relationship with him. I always loved him, but I feel better off now. I would have never done Survivor if he had been around. Before, I was used to hiding my emotions, and during the show I was confronted with that for the first time. So, in a way, all this did open my eyes.

Brutally handsome and sensitive? Too bad we don’t live in Los Angeles, huh?

Now that he’s living his life on his terms, Calderon looks forward to helping the world’s children – how, he does not say – and getting some acting gigs. If there are any agents out there, we implore you, please find this boy a job. Preferably something involving lots of baby oil and a little clothing. And, we suppose, a few words. Moans, of course, are acceptable, too.

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  • PJ


    I call BULLSHIT on this one!

    The man is one of the hottest male models in the industry. He makes 3 digits a year. He can have his choice of whomever he wants and he supposedly can’t get a date. BULLSHIT!

    On top of that, he wants to help the little children of the world. Who is he? Miss America?

    OK! In his defense, he is a Virgo. If you believe in astrology, Virgos are very shy. HOWEVER!!!! He can still get a date if he stops saying “no” to the people who walk up to him.


    I don’t buy into that, “I am so beautiful that no one loves me” bullshit. If he wants a date, he just has to talk to someone. In the fashion industry, there are plenty of homos to go around.

    NO! BULLSHIT! (Or have I said that already?)

  • SeaFlood


    Maybe guys are intimidated by him. It is one thing to think that he’s straight… I could flirt with a beautiful straight guy all night because I know it has a limit and that’s fine, safe even, and I won’t feel rejected because it isn’t like that — he’s just het. But a beautiful gay guy? Does my head in… I don’t want to get rejected, I want to experience all that beautiful and I would end up sabotaging it myself.

    I don’t think I am the only one like this.

    However, given that he is a Virgo (… I am into astrology… and how the heck do you know that???), he will have to be a little more real about what he wants — because Virgos can be extra perspicacious.

    He seemed to have liked that guy on Janice Dickenson (which I don’t know if it is coming back but I certainly HOPE so… love that show!), but… eh. I don’t think he’s looking for the very beautiful… I think he’s looking for something real and he’s in the wrong industry for finding guys like that.

  • Paul Raposo

    “I don’t think I am the only one like this.”

    No, you aren’t.

    Stopped in at the grocery store the other day. The cute cashier was making eyes at me the entire time I was in line and when I finally got close and he was talking a mile a minute about laying on the beach this weekend soaking up all that, “gorgeous sun like, ahh!” I just stood there like Helen Keller.

  • Mr. B

    Well, Paul, when you’ve given up on being able to talk to the pretty people you can come and chat me up…

  • Paul Raposo

    Oh, Mr. B, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers 8^)

  • Chad Shawber

    When your in Florida I will be working the expo. event and hope to get to meet you. See you at the Buena Vista Palace. Working the One Mighty Weekend Expo2008.

  • c.mangum

    I want to know how to contact him, we’d love to get in contact with jp
    up it’s my i-mail [email protected]


    Sorry! I’m French and I really want you to be here for ever! that ai is my correct email [email protected]

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