Just In Case You Thought All Lutherans Were Tolerant of the Gays

The Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod is here to prove you wrong! Following up last year’s vote by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to permit celibate gay clergy (and passing of a resolution stating there’s nothing really wrong with homosexuality), the second-largest Lutheran body this week moved to reinforce its Bible-based bigotry.

Claiming some 2.4 million members (to ELCA’s 4.6 million), the LCMS, which just voted in as president the Rev. Matthew C. Harrison, “overwhelmingly adopted” two resolutions on Tuesday in Houston: “One resolution commends for ‘study and reference’ two documents that state that the ELCA’s actions – including allowing partnered homosexuals on the clergy roster – are contrary to Scripture. The other measure supports efforts to promote ‘confessional Lutheranism’ throughout the world.”

The document LCMS commended is the International Lutheran Council’s statement on homosexuality, which states, “Rooted in the Bible’s witness and in keeping with Christian teaching through 2,000 years, we continue to believe that the practice of homosexuality – in any and all situations – violates the will of the Creator God and must be recognized as sin.”

Mazel tov!