Just In Case You Thought All Lutherans Were Tolerant of the Gays

The Lutheran Church Missouri-Synod is here to prove you wrong! Following up last year’s vote by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to permit celibate gay clergy (and passing of a resolution stating there’s nothing really wrong with homosexuality), the second-largest Lutheran body this week moved to reinforce its Bible-based bigotry.

Claiming some 2.4 million members (to ELCA’s 4.6 million), the LCMS, which just voted in as president the Rev. Matthew C. Harrison, “overwhelmingly adopted” two resolutions on Tuesday in Houston: “One resolution commends for ‘study and reference’ two documents that state that the ELCA’s actions – including allowing partnered homosexuals on the clergy roster – are contrary to Scripture. The other measure supports efforts to promote ‘confessional Lutheranism’ throughout the world.”

The document LCMS commended is the International Lutheran Council’s statement on homosexuality, which states, “Rooted in the Bible’s witness and in keeping with Christian teaching through 2,000 years, we continue to believe that the practice of homosexuality – in any and all situations – violates the will of the Creator God and must be recognized as sin.”

Mazel tov!

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  • MaiaD

    Geez, my bad. I thought “Christians” subscribed to the teachings of Christ, not the “outdated” old testament. What did Jesus actually say about “the gays” again?

  • B

    “One resolution commends for ‘study and reference’ two documents that state that the ELCA’s actions – including allowing partnered homosexuals on the clergy roster – are contrary to Scripture. The other measure supports efforts to promote ‘confessional Lutheranism’ throughout the world.”

    … Hmmm. “Study and reference”. Sounds like what politicians say when they really want to bury something that their constituents are in favor of. Let’s wait until the actually do something and ridicule them then.

    It reminds me of an old Doonesbury cartoon where Teddy Kennedy is going on and on: “And considering the ramifications of this and the implications of that …” when finally some guy in the back of the audience shouts, “A verb, senator, a verb!”

  • MaiaD

    With all due respect, I believe that “study” and “reference” are used as verbs here.

  • Jeffree

    As soon as the article mentioned
    “Houston” I knew we had “a problem”.

    Attempts by the fundies to build a theocracy here in the US are ramping up. Read their blogs.

    They want us gone, illegal, imprisioned or neutered.

  • the crustybastard

    Some people just won’t be happy until they prove Margaret Atwood right.

  • Dave in SF

    The Missouri Synod, or as it is sometimes affectionately called “The Misery Synod” doesn’t just have it in for Gays, they think Women are best kept silent and pregnant. They are not the nuttiest of the Lutheran Nuts though, the Wisconsin Synod makes the Missouri folks look like radical hippies. The interesting trend though is the more bigoted they become the more young people they lose.. at this rate we wont have to worry much about the LCMS or LCWS as they will all have pretty much died out by the end of the next decade.

  • Bill Perdue

    Religion is the enemy.

    Religion is superstition and backwardness.

    Religion is a form of madness.

    Religion is humankinds greatest tragedy.


  • Green


  • TampaZeke

    If it makes the Lutherans feel any better, the UCC, which is the most progressive Mainline Christian denomination in the country, also has a Missouri Synod (Conference) which is a thorn in their side. Our WORST Conference is the Indiana/Kentucky Conference. At every bi-annual national Synod they try to bring motions to the floor to rescind all of our past gay supportive resolutions; especially the 2005 Resolution supporting FULL civil and spiritual marriage equality. Every Synod the delegates vote to refuse to even consider it. It’s become a bi-annual tradition that’s almost comical.

  • scott ny'er

    “all lutherans?” With the knowledge that I might come off as ignorant, I will say this, I thought most religions were intolerant of gays. Are there any that really espouse being gay as being ok and welcome those peeps who identify as such?

  • samthor

    @scott ny’er:
    I have found that Taoism and Pagans are the most accepting, tolerant and least sexist of the major religions today.

    Tao Te Ching #28
    Know Masculinity
    Maintain Femininity
    and be a ravine for all under heaven.

  • dfrw

    Nonsense all.

  • DR

    This is hardly a surprise, the Missouri Synod clamored to be heard as soon as the ELCA made its position known. It’s one of the smaller synods (as you can see, about half the size of the ELCA).

    @scott ny’er:

    Yes, there are actually Christian sects which are cool with teh gheys. ELCA, UU, UCC, MCC… I think it’s easier to demonize the loudmouth ones who takes stands like these than it is to bolster up the ones who don’t.

  • Lynn

    After 9/11, many religions took part in an ecumenical service in Yankee Stadium. It was meant as a time of healing. A pastor from the Missouri Synod participated… after which his denomination pressed charges against him for his role in a religious service with other denominations.

    I think that gives us an idea of how extreme the Missouri Synod is.

  • Anonymous

    @Dave in SF:
    Actually, as an active member of LCMS, I have to disagree.
    Our church doesn’t turn away anyone. Ever.
    Even if they’re gay. We have at least 20 homosexual people in my church.

    And about the women thing? Yeah, no.
    Sure, women can’t be pastors, but that doesn’t mean they want to keep them as, as you so delicately put it, “Silent and pregnant”

    And actually, we have a large number of teens
    active in LCMS. About half of my 1,000 person church is teenagers.

    I’m 15. I’m a girl. If my church ever does something really extreme and hateful, I’ll leave. But for now, I appreciate this article and this site, but my church is just not like this!

    But who knows, maybe my church is the exception to the rule.


  • demonyc

    divorce groovy tho.

  • Anonymous

    Taking this back. Became an atheist about 6 months ago. Feel free to feel smug.

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