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Justice for Murdered Transgender Syracuse Woman?

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• The hate crime murder trial that charges Dwight DeLee with killing Syracuse’s Teish Cannon, a transgender woman, begins July 13. “It will be tried with a hate crime attachment, although in a cruel twist, Teish will be referred to by her birth name, Moses Cannon, because the NY State hate crime statute only covers crimes against sexual orientation, not gender expression or identity. In a sense, Teish will have her transwoman identity stripped away from her.”

• Chaz Bono goes up against the paparazzi.

• The Rev. Al Sharpton boogies on the Apollo stage at a musical memorial for Michael Jackson.

• What really happened during a Michigan public park sex sting operation?

• Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker are the new Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. They’ll star in Cloudburst, about two lady lovers who break out of their nursing home for a road trip full of hijinks.


God Says No, the first novel by James Hannaham, about a closeted black man trying to navigate the opposing forces of his faith and his desire,” is one book worth buying for its cover.

• South Carolina’s Cheating family values Gov. Mark Sanford apologizes to citizens … via email. A medium he should stay away from. Especially when the technology reveals his extramarital affair was actually illegal in his state.

• Michael Jackson was planning a dance album?