Justin Bieber Cut Off Her Breasts To Become A Boy And The 5 Craziest Remarks From “Semen Latte” Guy

atlah_manning_trans_150202a-800x430We’re really not sure what to make of Atlah World Missionary Church Rev. James David Manning at this point. Since we first caught wind of his crazy train about a year ago, it’s been a quick and clumsy journey from “I-think-Grandpa’s-off-his-meds” to “lock-the-doors-and-call-the-authorities.” We’d suggest he might benefit from our 6 Easy Tips For Antigay Preachers, but we’re not sure he’s ready.

Here’s his delusion du jour, wherein he attempts to out Justin Bieber as trans, blaming of all people, President Obama:

“We’re talking about young girls, 6 to 10 years of age. They can be led or influenced to cut off their breasts once they get into puberty. They can be led to have operations — like Justin Bieber — they can think that the best choice for their life is to cut off their breasts.

And then by the time they reach the age of 20 years old, they say, ‘I wish I had never cut off my breasts, I wish I had never mutilated my flesh, I wish I had never cut off my penis, I wish I had never done that, I was just young. And the people in the church or the people in the media said or gave the impression that I had a right to choose any kind of sexual orientation that I wanted to choose, and so I cut off my penis or I cut off my breasts.’

I will chase every sodomite, I will chase every lesbo, I will chase every political leader with the power of God, with the chariots of fire. That these children be not misled by people in congregations and people in business or in politics like Obama that are influencing these children to throw their lives away the way Justin Bieber threw his life away.

And then 20 years old, can’t grow their breasts back. At 20 years old, can’t grow their penis back. People need to wake the hell up and see what’s going on in our world! They need to understand just how diabolical this devil and evil spirit is.”

If anything, we’ve got to hand it to Manning for creativity, though if we were keeping score, he’d still fail. Miserably. At everything.

Here’s a brief history of the other colorful nonsense he’s been spitting out this year:

On tolerance:

“Homosexuals are the most intolerant of all people I’ve met. I’ve encountered Ku Klux Klan members that are more tolerant.”

On his enemy, the “white homo”:

“The white homo who now lives in the community—and there are a lot of them that moved up here—they brought their restaurants with them, they brought some of their lifestyle, they brought their Starbucks coffee with them… and like anybody else they prey on black men, they convert black men.”

And speaking of Starbucks lattes, he would later describe how some “ingenious” people decided to put semen in them, adding:

“A number of people think that semen tastes good. A number of people think that drinking semen is a good idea. No, I don’t think that myself personally. I’m just giving you the references of what other people say. You’ve got literally millions of people around the world that really think that the taste of semen is quite a flavor, and they seek it in the midst of other kinds of activities.”

Clarifying his stance on stoning gays:

“Anyone who promotes that as a lifestyle and tries to make it a national and international event and create warfare upon everybody else, then the appropriate response would be to stone them back to the Stone Age, or stone them back to hell.”

And finally, here’s a sign he put up outside his church (how did this guy get a whole church, anyways?):


Here’s David explaining the whole Biebs thing:

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