Justin Theroux’s Bulge May Be The Best Reason To Keep Watching The Leftovers

UPDATE: Justin Explains His Flopping Package

Here’s a media strategy that can’t lose.

HBO’s The Leftovers is about to wrap up its debut season, and as any viewer of the show will confirm, it’s been one confusing ride.

After each episode we seem to know less and less about the overall plot of the show, a phenomenon that is made even more frustrating by the pacing which employs elements of cinematic realism to tell the story of a rapture-like event vanishing 2% of the world’s population.

So lots of slow scenes, and very few answers.

But there is one thing the show definitely has going for it. Its star, Justin Theroux.

And more specifically, his crotch.

In last night’s episode we got backstory on many of the main players, but with Justin it was more like frontstory.

None of these are zoomed in. You’ve got our attention, HBO:

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.55.53 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.55.49 PM 1

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.55.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.55.35 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.58.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.58.51 PM 1

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  • Joe Dalmas

    Nah, that’s not good reason enough. The show sucks.

  • Tim

    I disagree. It’s a VERY good reason. LOLs… Seriously… the show took me a few eps but now, and especially after last nights flashbacks, I’m hooked. And yea… JT is lick-a-licious.

  • skcord

    I read the book so I could skip watching and just get answers to the main conflicts. It’s a good read and very different than the show…. but I was dissapointed when it came to answers…. good read none the less

  • sanfranca1

    Odd. In the first three pics, it’s on the right side; then in pic four, it’s on the left side. Appears to be the same clothes, so…Photo Shop?

  • Stache99

    @Joe Dalmas: Yeah, I can see where the show’s not gonna be for everyone. It builds super slow. Took me most of the season to get into it.

  • lykeitiz

    Yeah….I’m already watching “Under the Dome”, which is wtf every week. My brain can only handle one per season.

    However….I was not aware of this bulge…..

    @sanfranca1: Upon VERY close inspection, I see what you mean…..

  • Xzamilio

    @sanfranca1: Dude, it’s a penis, not an 800 pound statue. If you have a penis, it moves around, especially in sweatpants. That or he adjusted himself between takes, and the producers weren’t think bulge placement would be a continuity issue lol

  • Xzamilio


    Queerty, can you get an edit function, please?

  • Goforit

    @sanfranca1: OK lets look at this like a detective. In pics #s2, 5 & 6, his watch is clearly on his right wrist. So the perspective is assumedly consistent in pics 1-6. Picture #1, dick on his right. Pic#2,dick center. 3,dick right. 4, balls left, dick unknown.5, hard to say but seems to be more wrinkles on his left indicating balls left. Pic #6 dick center, balls definitely left. OH, wait a minute….. I just looked up and noticed his chest, those broad shoulders, his hairy arms and the scruffy chin. DAMN this guy is hot!!! Ok back to his crotch. conclusion…. fairly tight sweats… balls stay put. No jock strap, dick flops back and forth.

  • Goforit

    The watch is on his LEFT wrist. Sorry

  • NG22

    First of all, I more than noticed this sequence in the last episode. I watched and rewatched it. He has really nice balls. And he’s so gorgeous that it hurts. Jennifer Aniston is one lucky bitch — she always gets the prettiest men in their prime (Vince Vaughn aside).

    But I disagree Justin is the best/only reason to watch “The Leftovers.” It can be a brutal, heartbreaking experience, but I really love the show — and appreciate its nuances. I appreciate subtext. I understand the story is multilayered and is playing out on many different levels — not just the superficial ones. That’s one of the reasons I liked “Looking” — besides Russell Tovey being fucking hot and flirty and charming. I don’t need everything screamed at me, and I am comfortable with storytelling that is absent of rigid plotlines.

    All that aside, if you said the reasons to watch were Justin Theroux *and* the actor who plays his (step)son, Chris Zylka, I could get down with that. Each of them is so beautiful. The two of them together? My God. I just can’t even…

  • Desert Boy

    Nice basket. Not quite Jon Hamm but nice nonetheless. As for ‘The Leftovers’, I tried to watch it and I completely admit, I didn’t get it. Maybe I need to read the book.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I didn’t read the book so I don’t know how the story was structured but Sunday’s flashbacks were LONG OVERDUE. Previously it just got more and more confusing with obvious visual symbols which made no sense, characters that serve no useful purpose (sorry twins, you’re adorable but so unnecessary). It seems like they’re copying the movie Memento in working the story backwards.

    However Justin Theroux’s sex scene (sans bulge) was almost worth the confusion. Sweet a$$. Jennifer Anniston is no fool.

  • wld8hrt

    @sanfranca1: it was a continuity error. It went back and forth throughout the show. Yes, I was looking!

  • wld8hrt

    The show isn’t for everyone, but it certainly does not suck. It’s different and smart. For some that equals “sucks”. For others that equals good television. And I think Theroux has surpassed Hamm in the bulge dept. that was awesome!

  • Arkansassy

    So far I like this show. Waiting to see if it’s all leading anywhere but so far it feels like a breath of fresh air.

  • Brian

    The photos don’t do it justice. In the film, you can watch it flop back and forth as he runs. It was obvious, tantalizing, and glorious.

  • cflekken

    This obsession with bulges is so asinine. Are we all a bunch of 13 year olds looking through Sears catalogs in the underwear section? My god. It’s no f*cking wonder that straights are uncomfortable around gays because they have this perception that all gays want to do is gawk at their stuff and have sex with them. Well, things like this continue to prove that perception correct. Have some respect and f*cking get some in real life. And it’s not like a penis/bulge is a revelation. 99.9% of the males in this world has one.

  • Keebler ILF

    @Brian: I agree. There should be an animated gif added to the above pics. There probably is one posted on somebody’s Tumblr page.

    And recently they showed Max Carver’s bare ass for no valid reason. LOL.
    Max Carver was one of the hot twins from MTV’s Teen Wolf.

    At first I couldn’t understand why Justin’s wife on the show was in ‘mourning’; who did their family lose in the rapture? This latest episode with the flashback
    made it clear. WOW!

  • stvrsnbrgr

    @Xzamilio: LOL. If Queerty had an edit function, would it even exist?

  • stvrsnbrgr

    @cflekken: What does the 0.1% have?

  • AxelDC

    I learned a long time ago not to watch a movie just because the star was hot. Better to ogle at pictures on the Internet than waste hours on that terrible show. Watched the pilot; it’s not for me.

  • inbama

    @AxelDC: This program is terrifc – maybe a little deep for most people, but the characters are well drawn and the writers have brains.

  • Doughosier

    JT is a beautiful man but there was a shot in the last episode of Chris Zylka, who plays his son, lying in bed in shorts that took my breath away.

    I love the show.

  • Queeringly

    @sanfranca1: I noticed the LEFT dress vs. RIGHT dress too – and tweeted it @Queeringly . I don’t think it was photoshopped. My guess is the first jogging sequence was edited as a mirror image.
    My junk does not shift from left to right – ever.


    @sanfranca1: No, he was running and it flopped from one side to the other.

  • AxelDC

    @inbama: Oh, so I’m too shallow to get the show? I guess I should mail my graduate degrees back, since I’m too dumb to know whether a show is “deep” or not. I’ll go back to watching Mad Men and Game of Thrones, or am I too shallow for that as well?

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