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#KillTheBill floods Twitter; Americans REALLY don’t want Trumpcare

The long-awaited House vote on the Republican replacement to Obamacare will happen on Friday afternoon (UPDATE: or not!), and the GOP leadership isn’t the only group nervous about the outcome.

Millions of Americans stand to lose if the bill is eventually signed into law, from older, low-income people to people who take PrEP, to people with chronic medical conditions (while the bill keeps the Obama provision that insurers cannot refuse coverage based on preexisting conditions, the GOP plan lets insures decide for themselves if they want to offer coverage for specific things, like, say, asthma or diabetes), and the list goes on.

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Many of the potentially hardest-hit Americans are themselves Trump voters, which adds a whole other insane angle to this heaping mess of governing.

The Republican American Health Care Act (AHCA) has an approval rating of just 17%, abysmally low even compared to Trump’s abysmal 37%.

It is so unpopular that the hashtag #KillTheBill has rocketed to the top of Twitter trends for the past several hours.

Here’s what people are saying: