LA Times Highlights Binational Couples Forced to Choose Between Love and America

Check out this great story in the LA Times today: “Same-sex couples find rough road to immigration,” says the headline, and boy that’s the truth.

Reporter Paloma Esquivel highlights the plight of several LGBTs, including Jesse Goodman and Max Oliva, who were forced to leave the United States in order to remain together. Remind us just one more time, NOM, how kicking happy healthy productive couples like these out of the country “protects” anything?

Jesse and Max have a very cute cute-meet story that you can read over at Stop the Deportations:

On that magical night in January 2001, I met Max in a nightclub. When he told me that he was visiting from Argentina and that it was his first day in New York I offered him a tour of “my city.” We felt very comfortable with each other, very quickly, and I wanted to share everything (stories, favorite places, and friends).

Awww. Yay love!

But despite finding their soul mates, binational couples have to engage in a ridiculous dance of phone calls, plane flights, emails, and endless hearings in order to spend time together. And a lot of them just can’t make it work:

I remember being astonished to discover just how difficult it was for other gay binational couples to make a life together. Max and I were enjoying those early “honeymoon” days of a relatively new relationship and I was already confronted with numerous stories of couples whose relationships had ended. This was because they could not find a solution around the discriminatory laws that prevented them from living together in the U.S. I was determined that we would meet this challenge head on and that we would not be broken up because of the arbitrary reality of borders or citizenship.

The couple is currently in London, working as hard as they can to return to the US. And on the day that they can finally return, we will throw them such a big welcome-back party.