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  • AlwaysGay

    It’s well deserved. She is impressive, visually and musically.

  • romeo

    What I’m curious about is whether that’s turning into revenue? Her album sales are good, but not all that spectacular are they?

  • gary

    I love You GAGA!!!!! SHE”S THE BEST!!!!

  • Jake

    @ Romeo. Well the fame has gone diamond after selling 10 million copies…Pretty spectacular for a debut if you ask me!

  • Sam

    @romeo: Artists make the vast majority of their money off of touring, and I’m sure these videos help with ticket sales. As for her label, who knows or cares? The recording industry needs to die so it can be reborn as something relevant.

  • romeo

    I like the Gaga, so I wasn’t knocking her. I’m just curious about what kind of $$$ the net it actually making for people. I’ve heard it’s not as much as people think. However, I can see that it would be excellent advert for touring.

  • bruce

    Lady Gaga claims she’s “for the gays” yet her music videos are devoid of any male-male contact. It’s as if they’re censored so as not to offend homophobes who find male-male “gross”.

    Well, it won’t take long for the gays to wake up to her.

  • sam

    @bruce: during hte monster ball, the song Boys Boys Boys is quote “for all my gay boys out there”.

    features guys in flesh coloured tights rubbing their bits.

    if thats not directed for gay men i dont know what is…

    if she put male male kissing in her videos, theyflat out wouldn’t get played. yeah, it’d be nice if she cvould do it, but she can’t just yet. Be satisfied with what she is doing, rather than picking her apart for something inconsequential.

  • sam

    @romeo: I don’t know how much she’s actually earning, but she has said she spends it all on her tour. whether that’s true or not i dont’know, but from what i understand, all her $ goes to her costumes and shows.

  • sam

    @bruce: annnd having just come back from her show, i’ve already confirmed what i already said :P

    the stage show is filled to the brim with homoerotic imagery. ffs her backup dancers felt each other up and made out with each other.

    she couldn’t get away with it on tv, but she can on stage.

    ergo, no gay male imagery on american tv.

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