Lance v. 50

The book wars have begun!

Now that Kanye West has beat his ass in album sales, 50 Cent’s starting a new war – with Lance Bass. The death-defying rapper released his book 50 x 50 this month and seems determined to be abest-seller. “With me, everything’s a competition, so I bet you the end of next week, I’ll be moving more copies than him.”
Bass, meanwhile, fired right back. Ben Widdicombe writes:

“50, I don’t want to playa-hate, but there’s a lot that my book has” that his doesn’t.

For example?

“I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any relationships with guys in that book. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have any space training, either.”

Probably not. 50 did, however, get shot and live to tell about it.

As of this writing, Bass’ Out of Sync stands at 128 on Amazon’s best-seller list. 50’s at 11,148. This man just loves to get his ass beat, doesn’t he?