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Laura Ingraham’s camp swears moronic “You” segment was scripted but nobody believes her

Laura Ingraham became the laughing stock of Twitter this week after she got into a screaming match with a guest over the Netflix show You, which she mistakenly thought was about her.

Ingraham was bitching with her buddy Raymond Arroyo about how scripted TV shows cater too much to leftwing viewers, particularly around topics like vaccines and COVID-19, when the apparent miscommunication happened.


Now, her camp is trying to say the whole thing was staged.

After the clip went viral, Arroyo took to Twitter to tell everyone, “Trust me, it was totally intentional!”

He followed that up with another tweet, saying, “My favorite part was that only regular viewers realized it was totally scripted.”

Of course, everyone knows the first rule of comedy is that if you have to explain something is a gag then clearly it didn’t land.

Also, while many consider her to be a joke, Ingraham isn’t known for being humorous or for doing comedy bits on her show, leaving many to doubt Arroyo’s “It was intentional LOLOLOL!” claim.

Here are some of the responses…

When asked for clarification, Fox News spokesperson Carly Shanahan referred media to Arroyo’s tweet.

As for Ingraham, she isn’t commenting on the matter (we can’t help but wonder why???) and is instead relying on others to come to her defense, like former Fox News anchor/failed morning show host Megyn Kelly, who called anyone taking the moment seriously a “dope”:

And anti-Muslim activist Brigitte Gabriel who declared her an “American patriot”:

Meanwhile, here’s what others are saying…

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