Law Trumps Biology In Israel

Israel’s Attorney General recently ruled that the state should allow gay couples to adopt children. A new case, however, proves the limits of the state’s queer acceptance:

The state is opposed to allowing both partners in a lesbian couple to be registered as the biological mothers of their baby boy, even though one donated the egg and the other gave birth, the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office informed Tel Aviv District Court in a response released Sunday.

The brief, submitted by the state’s representative, Attorney Orly Manzur, came in response to a suit filed by the couple, whose names cannot be published, demanding that the Interior Ministry register both partners as the child’s biological mothers.

“Before approving the request for artificial insemination, the Health Ministry made it clear that the woman who donated the egg would not [automatically] be considered the child’s mother and that if she wanted to be, she would have to adopt him,” Manzur told the court

The women argue that joint legality will benefit the child’s mental and emotional stability, which sounds sound to us.