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LED eyelashes are primed to revolutionize modern-day nightlife. But can you even handle them?

Face it: You’re a great club person — but the club scene lately? Not so great.

Where once you could’ve heard the dulcet tones of Patti Jo’s “Make Me Believe In You” every night of the week, now a clingy stillness and staidness hangs in the air, no doubt brought on by the advent of hook-up apps, general malaise, and the hostile encroachment of corporate monoculture stamping out our safe spaces…

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But that’s all about to change — one false eyelash at a time. Introducing LED eyelashes, lending flash where once was trash. They’re lightweight, lithe, and lit — and you’re in control of the sparkle and shine, thanks to a hidden controller you keep wound up in your hair, which won’t ever be a nuisance at any nightclub ever.

So… what’s your favorite mode? 

Ooh, now you’re LIT like KITT.

Make that a double, sweetie. One for the road — ‘cuz you’re coming with meeeeee.

Hey, baby — was gonna ask if you wanted to watch the sunset, but then I looked into your eyes and I DON’T THINK SHE CAN HANDLE THE COMPETITION…

Whichever mode you choose, you simply won’t believe your eyes. And we won’t believe yours.

Curious? More information HERE.

h/t: USA Today