Lesbian Lawyer Appeals Historic Custody Ruling

Michelle Kulstad’s fight continues.

The Montana-based lesbian celebrated yesterday after a judge granted her parental rights over ex-girlfriend Barbara Maniaci’s two children, whom Maniaci adopted while the gals were together.

Unfortunately for Kulstad, Maniaci’s lawyer, anti-gay Alliance Defense Fund’s Austin R. Nimocks immediately filed an appeal. And, naturally, his argument rests on hyperbole:

Nimocks said Thursday the case has “absolutely nothing to do” with Kulstad’s sexual orientation.

“If Miss Kulstad was a man, we would still be in the case and making the same arguments,” he said. “Are we going to start granting ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends parental rights just because they lived under same roof? If so, how far do we go? Granting acquaintances and roommates parental rights over the objections of fit parents is a very dangerous precedent.”

Gawd! Those right-wingers are such drama queens!