Lesbian Serves The Meat You Crave

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel makes for a most comfortable stay in the hub of New England in any case, but gays have a compelling reason to patronize Bonfire, Todd English’s Argentinean Steakhouse restaurant within. Executive Chef Jenny Cates is an out lesbian.

Bonfire Restaurant

Jenny Cates’ sexuality is of course secondary to her talents as a chef, yet in the upper echelons of the profession there are so few professionals out that showing support to the rare ones who are seems in order.

Queerty would never steer you wrong in a steakhouse. Bonfire deserves the high praise it has received. Cocktails here show the South American influence; you might start with a refreshing caiparinha, the Brazilian national drink. The crab cake appetizer is served with cumin corn silk, pickled cabbage and tortilla hay. The 16 oz. Dry Aged Ribeye may be ordered with a heavenly brown butter béarnaise sauce. Also of interest is Bonfire’s taqueria and tapas menu. And that steak is served bone in.