Lieberman Hates On The Gays


Sen. Joe Lieberman has reminded us again why he needs to get the boot from the Senate with a new retro cartoon ad that unveils his campaign’s new strategy against challenger Ned Lamont. We call the strategy “Queer the Opposition,” which is what the ad is doing by portraying Lamont as a little bear with a high-pitched voice wearing a pink Polo shirt (a “bear cub”?).

Ostensibly the point of the ad is to paint Lamont as a follower of Lowell Weicker, the former Senator who lost to Joe Lieberman in 1988, but the underlying message, which somehow comes across far clearer than the verbal one, is that Lamont is a sissy, and you shouldn’t vote for sissies.

We urge all of our sissy readers to contact Joe Lieberman if you’re as displeased with this ad as we are. You can call (860) 549-8463 or email him here.

Also, if you believe in progressive values, please consider donating money to Ned Lamont’s campaign. His victory in November would be a big step towards setting the Democratic Party back on the right track.

Watch the campaign commercial after the jump.

[via Gawker]