Lieberman Hates On The Gays


Sen. Joe Lieberman has reminded us again why he needs to get the boot from the Senate with a new retro cartoon ad that unveils his campaign’s new strategy against challenger Ned Lamont. We call the strategy “Queer the Opposition,” which is what the ad is doing by portraying Lamont as a little bear with a high-pitched voice wearing a pink Polo shirt (a “bear cub”?).

Ostensibly the point of the ad is to paint Lamont as a follower of Lowell Weicker, the former Senator who lost to Joe Lieberman in 1988, but the underlying message, which somehow comes across far clearer than the verbal one, is that Lamont is a sissy, and you shouldn’t vote for sissies.

We urge all of our sissy readers to contact Joe Lieberman if you’re as displeased with this ad as we are. You can call (860) 549-8463 or email him here.

Also, if you believe in progressive values, please consider donating money to Ned Lamont’s campaign. His victory in November would be a big step towards setting the Democratic Party back on the right track.

Watch the campaign commercial after the jump.

[via Gawker]

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  • Jonathon

    Hilarious, especially the part about how Lamont “agrees with the Republicans 80% of the time.” Lieberman has agreed with them almost 100% of the time! I’d take that 20% difference any day of the week.

    Lieberman should switch parties. The GOP loves him, the Democrats see him as a traitor to the party. I could never vote for Lieberman.

  • deadair

    lamont has to beat lieberman in the democratic primary in august first. then he can win in november … although if beaten in the primary, lieberman may choose to leave the democratic party and run as an independent. that would make it hard for lamont to win as lieberman would pull from independents, moderate republicans (a big part of the CT voting block) and conservative dems. thanks for calling him out on this horrible ad.

  • Malcontent

    Where do you get the name of the ad being “Call Him Queer”? That doesn’t show up anywhere on the Internet, and on Joe Lieberman’s own site, it has a much more straightforward name.

  • bill

    all your site seems to highlight is negativity. its depressing reading your articles. its ‘homophobic’ this and ‘attack’ that. why not just get over yourself and stop broadcasting this crap and scaring the living daylights out of anyone who happens to be a homosexual?

  • Frank

    Thanks for catching my bad wording, Mal. It’s been corrected. -F

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Bill! Reading IS depressing! I’d rather spend my time just living my life, where it’s all “a gay was bashed” here and “you can’t get married” there!

    Oh, and by learning the difference between “its” and “it’s.”

  • Bill

    Publish some positive news, then. Not just homophobic reporting. Your blog sounds to me like something irresponsible; a problem without a solution. Thanks for correcting my grammer. as a winner of the ‘best gay weblog awards 2xxx’ you should publish some good news, for example constructive things like working with the police to tackle problems, and what people can do if they are attacked. You should be promoting self-defense and not telling stories with no positive outcome. It seems to me just plain boring to read all the ‘I’m a frail defenseless gay man, and heres more depressing news to slit your wrists over’.
    If you report homophobic incidents and dont report some decent conclusion then you’re just freaking people out. Young, old, married, and closeted;people turn to the internet for support and reassurance. looking at your site is enough to drive anyone back into the closet!
    Gays and fellow straights agree with me. Theres nowt worse than a whinger. So cheer up, Man!
    All the best. Bill.

  • Ryan

    Queerty posts good news all the time. Even today, they posted a great one just before the Lieberman one.

    However, Queerty is going to post what interests its readers. And, quite frankly, I think readers of Queerty are darn interested in knowing just how much of a douchebag Lieberman is.

    Lastly, you criticized Queerty for not posting “solutions.” Well, even in THIS case – about Lieberman – they did: Don’t vote for the guy! Get Lamont on the ballot and help him be Connecticut’s Senator. He’ll be far more gay-friendly… and a better democrat in general. So, if you’d like to be part of Queerty’s solution, you could click watch the add, donate money or tell your friends in Connecticut to vote Lamont.

  • liberalhomo

    It’s good to speak out againt Lieberman’s homophobic ad. This is a great post. Keep up the good work.

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