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Linda Harvey: Reading Queerty Makes Kids Gay

In the hallowed groves of right-wing nuts, Linda Harvey holds a special place. The Mission: America founder has taken it upon herself to protect children by telling that that gay is not OK because we all know what a self-esteem builder that is. Her latest bit of advice to kids: don’t visit gay news sites because you might turn gay.

“Homosexual-themed pornography is extremely accessible to young people if they ever visit any websites covering the gay agenda as news,” says Harvey in a broadcast. “For instance, if your child was doing a report on same-sex marriage just researching the political issue and visiting sites that are sympathetic to the social and political goals of the homosexual movement may quickly bring them in touch with explicit images because many of the homosexual news blogs have soft-porn gay dating sites or worse as ads.”

And of course, Harvey adds, kids are susceptible to sexual feeling “and may mistake these for the pervasive fiction of some inborn gay identity.” Because we all know that heterosexuality is such a fragile thing that the mere image of a shirtless hunk can vaporize it in seconds. Of course, if you’re reading this, you probably knew that already.

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  • Jazpyy

    Who the F*** cares what this stupid person thinks. Stop giving them the attention they clearly desperately need. We all point and laugh without having their bile shoved in our faces; we can all clearly see how stupid they are. If you’re young and gay, are you going to listen to this Bitch? Probably not.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I marvel at the inane, asinine remarks that our opponents throw around at the general population… and they wonder why they’re losing the culture wars?! The left has had more support from the right wing through their misinformation than any other group… help that the social left truly is grateful for. Keep it up, and in 5-7 years pro-marriage equality will be the law of the land. Cannot wait!!

  • Deepdow


    It’s important. I shouldn’t have to tell you why. By the way, your language is wretched.

  • mykelb

    The Southern Poverty Law Center designated Mission: America as an active anti-gay hate group in March 2012 based on its particular anti-LGBT rights stances. The woman has a B.A. in ENGLISH and is not qualified to talk about anything else.

  • Mofdgheb

    Her organization had a whopping revenue of $23,047 in 2011.

    Let’s not elevate this woman into some sort of serious political force.

  • hf2hvit

    @Deepdow: Who in the FUCK made you the mother-fucking language police???

  • hf2hvit

    She looks like a horse faced dude…or maybe a HORSE’S ASS

  • Captain proton

    Need I point out that queerty fits her description?
    practically every serious news story here has 3 links at its end to scantly clad guys.

  • ouragannyc

    She’s right Mesdames, Messieurs.
    I used to be straight before I started to read Queerty.
    I hold Queerty 100 % responsible for my homosexuality.

  • Jazpyy

    @Deepdow: Not wretched enough for this woman and people like her who spread lies and fear to those stupid enough to believe her (and people clearly do). Not even nearly enough.

  • Deepdow


    I’m not the language police but doesn’t foul language diminish things in your opinion? Maybe I’m just over troll academy and bad internet manners in general. It seems even when I agree with people there is still a bad taste in my mouth, because of how they express themselves.

    Shoot me, I’m an idealist.

    Now please calm down.

  • mcflyer54

    The more these crazy people talk the more harm they do their cause. They are losing his battle royally (and rapidly) and their arguments are getting more and more ridiculous and desperate by the day. So let them talk, hell encourage them to talk, because they are truly their own worst enemy. .

  • Charli Girl

    Umm..I can look at males til dooms day,and nope not feeling it. Who is this broad anyway? Y a w n…Neva heard of her.. 15 minutes is up Missy.Move along.

  • technicolornina


    I was gay before internet. Well–before internet as we know it, anyway; I’m old enough to remember before Web 2.0. I knew I was gay long before I was allowed to leave the Kids Only part of AOL. Or rather–I knew there was something different about me.

    What gay content helped me discover (and back in those old days of Geocities and the Hamster Dance when email was still hyphenated and internet had to be capitalized, that discovery came in the form of fanfiction, not blogs–which didn’t exist yet) was *what I was called.* Two girls who wanted to kiss each other and hold hands and date were lesbians. Two people of either gender who only liked other people of that gender were gay. And yes, there were other people who were like that. It was an extremely comforting thing to know at eleven years old when everyone around me was very, very straight (and often highly religious); at that age I’d already tried to kill myself once to avoid the new mess of confused, confusing feelings coming in on top of my other problems, because I had nobody to talk to.

    I would LOVE to hear how Linda Harvey would explain that. After all, back in 1998 AOL was just getting around to adding an integrated homepage (and it was on dial-up, which was the only kind of internet there was unless you were obscenely rich and lived in California). Usenet and ICQ existed but instant messenger didn’t, and I was too young to figure out how to use newsgroups. I couldn’t even have typed “gay porn” into a search engine–the existing ones were patchy and primitive and–after you sat there for an hour waiting for them to load their results–often returned strings of garbage. I didn’t actually see gay content until I was firmly entrenched in the closet and desperately trying to hide behind boy-chasing.

    Of course, if I told her that, she’d probably just latch on to the word “fanfiction” and start ranting about 50 Shades (for all the wrong reasons, because there are plenty of good reasons to rant about that shitty series), so maybe it’s better I can’t ask.

  • Goyourownway

    Any sane person knows there’s no gay/straight switch inside a kid’s mind. If that were true, I’d be straighter than an arrow from growing up with all of those suggestive movie and TV show scenes, commercials, pictures, etc… But she’s right about one thing, if you look directly below this article. How about advertising some non-sexual news below the news articles?

  • Dakotahgeo

    @hf2hvit: I DID, Black Turd!!! You’d better see a Dr. about that “condition”!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Deepdow: You just keep on being you! Your nemesis seems to have an identity problem… he thinks he exists!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @mcflyer54: I’ve said this many times also, but not nearly as well as you did. I truly believe that the RRR (radical religious right) and social conservatives have worked just as diligently (without intending to) as the GLBT and straight communities to see that Marriage Equality has come such a great distance in so little time! Who could have guessed….?!

  • gogold

    I was exposed to straight porn first so how come I am not straight?

  • NotStr8Acting

    To the two trolls applauding this women for wanting to shame gay sexuality by telling us to not celebrate our sexualities of gay blogs… Be it with admiring HOT gay men or embracing sex appeal… I hope you know gay sexual shaming is the oldest homophobic tactic in the book.

    Hell no will I be shamed about appreicating sex, hot men an secuality. Ever! Don’t even try it. Every straight blog, be it celeb blog, hip hop music blog, sports blog has pics of scantily clad female models ALL over. You cant attend a boxing match or football game without a near naked female coming on the venue and either dancing or holding a sign to start the game. So spare us your gay sex shaming.

    Gay sex is beautiful, hot, amazing and I highly encourage everyone to try it and be proud of it. It seems because we’re gay, we have to go out of our way to be cookie cutter, showcas we’re in a committed live in relationship with 6 adopted kids and drain ourseles of any sexuality. Sorry nope! I’m single, gay, responsible and sex is absolutely incredible! As is looking at the fit toned bodies of men featured on here

    Don’t be mad your sex life is stale. I as a grown ass man owe no one premission to enjoy looking at the sex appeal of someone else or embracing my own.

    Next topic.

  • Scott Johansen

    Hetero men talk and think about the female body 24/7 including in their sleep. Hetero men function with one motivation in life….sex. Hetero men have pictures of slutty women all over their face book and twitter pages, or are fantasizing about it. That’s seen as guys being guys, but when gay men dare tap into their inherent secuality we’re made to feel guilt written about it.
    Nothing, and I mean nothing gets under my skin then attempting to shame gay men for being gay, which if we forgot is the act of sleeping with the same sex. I not only love men and sleeping with them, but sex is one of the greatest satisfactions I have gotten and I’m not remotely apologetic for it. Gay sex, with all it’s passion and sensuality is one stellar satusfaction. Oh, and wait for it, gay porn is dang hot as hell and an amazing viewing pleasure. To her and any other pearl clutching old fuddie duddie war horse. Go live your miserable life devoud of sex. That’s your business. But don’t even try making me or other gays feel ashamed for being authentic and real about our feelings, emotions and desires, one of which includes innate sexuality.

    And don’t you dare stop posting beautiful photos of beautiful shirtless men or else you’ll lose the viewership of many loyal vistors like myself who are very real and unapologetic about being an adult and loving the aesthetic of life! Gorgeous gay men being one of them.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @NotStr8Acting: Thank you!!! We need more people like these trolls to be put in their place more often! Nicely done!

  • DarkZephyr

    Her face would turn me gay if I wasn’t already.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    It’s better than the dreary representations we used to have, where every gay character was either suicidal, homicidal, way over the top emotional wrecks with little hope of ever attaining happiness. Boys in the Band, The Bell Jar, and many others were atrocious to young LGBT persons. This hater wants that era to come back. If she damage us legally, she wants us not to be able to convene and compare our stories. whatahagwhatahagwhatahag.

  • Acep

    I never really noticed the softcore porn ads on queerty.
    Then again queerty does seem to talk about porn related news every so often, which doesn’t help the gay cause when even a gay news company associates gay culture with porn.
    Queerty also seems to feature news article devoted to shirtless guys.

  • Billysees

    @gogold: 19

    ” I was exposed to straight porn first so how come I am not straight ? ”

    Perfectly true comment.

  • Tombear

    How come as an adolescent when I read “Playboy” magazine it didn’t convert me into a heterosexual? I always thought my buddies were sexier that the pics in “Playboy”!

  • PhyllisMs

    I’m a post-op transsexual woman who transitioned late in life. This article reinforces why it is so important to recognize that people who are around my age,(63), who realized they were gay (I knew I was female before age 10) were not influenced at an early age by the media. In the early 1960’s the only magazines we could get our hands on were things like “Stag”, “For Men Only”, “Real Men” which were magazines about masculinity with some sexual stories ( We only “heard” stories about “queers” or we harassed each other as kids with name calling at times. We weren’t influenced by the media. Until Playboy began mailing out issues, us kids had a hard time getting our hands on the magazines and if we did, we had to hide them outside or mom would find them.
    We are who we are inside regardless of outside influence. I did not have any influence to cross dress nor was I restricted in any way when it came to masculine sports. I played them all with vigor and tough guy attitude. I am now transitioned to female, began that at age 54 with GRS/SRS at 59 years old. It took me that long to understand and to finally to live my life for me, as who I am. I always felt I was a girl, it was always in my head and heart and manifested itself thorough out my life. It is very important to remember we were not influenced by the media back in the 1950’s, not by magazines, radio or television. Linda Harvey is just a right wing bigot and a self righteous, puffed up bigot at that!

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