Lindsay Lohan: Gay Hero?

Lindsay Lohan’s alleged lesbianism continues to grab the gossip-lovers’ eye. And, assuming the actress and DJ Samantha Ronson are doing it, Gawker’s Sheila McClear thinks Lohan deserves major congratulations:

Here’s what’s cool: Lohan has been entirely matter-of-fact about the whole affair. She’s continued to appear in public with her rumored lover. There has been no moaning from her about private-life intrusion from the media, and no cries from her cougar mom to “Leave Lindsey ALONE!”

So Lohan’s openness is a big deal, and it’s awesome! Despite her bouts of rehab and some unfortunate recent roles, she’s young and still has most of her career ahead of her, so the stakes are high. Lohan acts as if she’s in love with another woman–and she’s put her personal happiness over any standard Hollywood career logic. Lohan’s love has conquered all!

You know what would be even more heroic? Actually saying she’s getting down with the ‘gina.