Lisa Kudrow adds rhinestoned razzle-dazzle to new season of ‘Grace and Frankie’

Guess who’s adding a bit of raucous and rhinestoned razzle-dazzle to the veritable kook attack that is Grace and Frankie?

The Comeback’s Lisa Kudrow will be lending her talents to the role of Grace’s bubbly, bubble-headed manicurist Sheree; a surefire way to add some new blood to this veritable chuckle factory, now entering its irascible, ever-strident, and always-empowering fourth season.

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Elsewhere, the thirteen episodes will involve some business involving dildos and the police; Sol and Robert’s stab at an open relationship, resulting in highly contemporary jealousy and baleful eyes at lively cocktail parties; and a joke that is apparently about looking for love on a website called