LISTEN: Gossip Guru Michael Musto Dishes With A Fork On The Left


This week, we feature a really catty chat with the one-and-only Michael Musto. Some 26 years and 1,300-plus columns after starting at the Village Voice‘s, Michael is a New York City power gay. (Kinda like author/BoiParty promoter Justin Luke, who interviews the columnist for us.) He’s spent years telling the world what he thinks of gay nightlife, Broadway, closeted celebrities, the oppression that is fashion, press junkets, riding his bike in the city and much, much more.


On Fashion Week:  “I wrote a column this week on how much I hate fashion, but I’m [at] all the shows anyway.”

On Vogue‘s infamous editrix: “Don’t cross Anna Wintour. She’ll cut you.”

His preferred Broadway opening-night outfit: A tuxedo and sandals with socks. (And only he can get away with that.)

His top Broadway recommendation:Book of Mormon. Because it’s so crazy, dirty and trashy.”

New celebutards On Musto’s radar: “There’s a whole new crop of Disney stars about to break down before our eyes [like] Miley ‘Ray’ Cyrus… a lovely little truck-stop waitress of a pop star.”


And because every guest has something to push, Michael’s new book is Fork on the Left, Knife in the Back, a collection of his best columns from the past, featuring interviews with Dame Edna, Paris Hilton, Michael Lucas and others. Taped in our New York City satellite studio, this is a chat not to be missed! (Michael starts at the 30:45 mark.)

Also, tune in for all the tales from your hosts’ recent trip to gay night at Kings Dominion amusement park, their picks for the best of the new fall TV season and why they’ll be tuning into the new gay daytime talk show, Anderson.

You don’t even have to leave this page—Listen right here:


Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He likes to dish, dish, dish, too, but he has to be careful because he hasn’t been around long enough not to care what people think.


Images via Michael Musto/Village Voice