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LISTEN: Out Country Singer Justin Utley Got Them Salt Lake City Mormon Blues

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Episode 80: Baby Shaker

On this week’s episode of The Six Pack, out country singer Justin Utley is live in studio.

Like all great country crooners, Utley has his share of sorrows from which to draw upon: He grew up in a repressive Mormon family in Salt Lake City and endured reparative therapy before coming to New York. “They don’t even say ‘gay’; they say ‘same-gender attraction,'” Utley tells hosts Ben Rubin and Ben Harvey. “[Because] It’s a choice, or because your mom or dad wasn’t there. They had me convinced at one point to do anything. They had me believing I was molested as a kid.”

But Utley has emerged from his childhood trauma as a talent to be reckoned with. He celebrates the release of his new album, Nothing This Real, with a album-release party.

Also in the podcast: SiriusXM radio host Derek Hartley discusses his new book, When Nightlife Falls; the boys debate whether celebrities can go back in the closet after coming out publicly; new banned iPhone apps; and more!


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