Two Out Of Three Violations Involve Automobiles

Lithuania To Be Censured For Anti-Gay Ways?

Things aren’t looking good for Lithuania. The European nation may face a censure for a trifecta of homophobic inactivity.

The first hit came after the government wouldn’t let the EU’s “anti-discrimination truck” from parking at a gay-inclusive equality event. Then Vilnius mayor Juozas Imbrasas urged bus drivers to protest buses featuring pro-gay adverts. And, finally, the city refused to permit the International Lesbian and Gay Association’s annual European conference.

Now Luxembourg MP Jean Huss has petitioned the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE) to “engage in dialogue” with the Lithuanian government. Huss also included a few more other requests, including “clarifying to [authorities] that their role goes beyond merely recognizing the existence of such rights, and includes the obligation to take positive actions to safeguard access to freedom of assembly for all persons.”