Little Monsters are losing it over this Gaga album announcement

Lady Gaga at the ArtRave concert

Few albums have been as thoroughly forgotten by their creators as Artpop. With a recent announcement from her longtime collaborator, it seems the long drought may be coming to an end.

And a drought it has been: Lady Gaga‘s recent Chromatic Ball apparently had no room for any of its songs in the setlist (even though it had room for both the not at all Chromatica-esque A Star is Born tracks and Top Gun‘s “Hold My Hand”). Even her Super Bowl performance, back when she only had five albums, managed to fully skip her fourth.

A new post from DJ White Shadow, who produced the bulk of the album, has given fans hope for an Artpop renaissance.

With a simple picture of the Artpop sphere, he’s set the Little Monsters aflame:


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“You have my promise that I will have something special for you on this day next year,” the producer writes. “I will honor this record as you have, forever.”

The message ends with the promise that he “will not delete this post ’til 11/11/23”.

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Needless to say, fans are going gaga in every direction.

There is, of course, the natural stan excitement:

Right along with the excitement is incredulity from Artpop lovers who’ve been burned over the record a few too many times:

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All this being said, there has been no official confirmation from the star as of yet.

Even without confirmation, we fear for what will happen if Mother Monster doesn’t have a piping hot plate of pop ready this time next year.

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