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London’s Street Pride: Basically Canceled

London’s pride parade street fair on July 3 is a no-go, organizers announced, citing safety concerns over on-going construction in Soho. Initially organizers believed the show would go on, albeit with capacity restrictions, and then city officials asked them to make Soho the “chill-out” area of pride, with no bars open. And they decided, Uh, what’s the point?

Update: The street parade is back on, but no outside bars.

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    Those boys in that pic with English accents?? total YUM :-p

  • SM

    Urrr, the title is completely wrong. One part of london that is used for one dance tent is no longer having that dance tent, which is probably being moved, while the ENTIRE ROUTE OF THE PARADE REMAINS THE SAME

    Get your facts right, really

  • Qjersey

    @L.: Accurate reporting from Queerty, my your expectations are high.

  • Jon

    Holy Shit Queerty get you act together!!! I know you are just a wee-little blog, but your reporting sucks!!!

  • L.

    @Qjersey: I also expect to win the lottery, even though I don’t play. What can I say, naive as naive goes, is me.

  • jeffree

    Wow: seems like Queerty stàff may stil be recoverïng from NYC Pride. Lotsa stuff here on the blog is broke & needs fix-ing.Please!

  • joe

    what the fuck!!!! being gay isnt about going to clubs, soho represents an area and the people, not the bloody clubs!!! pride is about being open and who we are, not being being suppressed by alcohol, as if thats been our main problem in history!

  • counterpoll

    Based on Queerty’s report, we annulled all plans to attend London Pride.

    BUT then we discovered the Queerts “scoop” was wrong.

    Not really, gents, we are still going.

    Anyone want to place a £10 wager on how long it takes for the story to be corrected — I mean amended? Friday? Sunday? Never?

    Thanks so much for inspiring trust in your reporting! Your fans and advertisers will be suitably impressed.

  • B

    No. 9 · counterpoll wrote, “Your fans and advertisers will be suitably impressed” If you mean in America, the advertisers could care less as to how accurate the reporting is. All they care about is how many people are viewing their ads and whether those ads are attracting more business.

    The U.S. motto should be “Advertising ueber alles” (“Die Werbung ueber alles” in real German) rather than “In God we Trust” (which resulted in the joke, “In God we trust; all others pay cash.”)

  • So So Gay

    Bars in Soho will be open as usual. All that’s different is they won’t be closing off the streets to make it an ‘official’ part of Pride. Everyone is still going to gather in Soho like they do every year. The problem is there are lots of streets closed off already for a massive train line construction project under the city centre, leading to concerns about access for emergency services. Can’t be helped sometimes, but don’t let it put you off going to Pride!

  • jeffree

    Arbeit Macht Frei! [and yep I understand how horrible that sounds historically]

    Without aplo-gy, with-out warning, Q-ueerty stop-ped us from seeing re-ce-nt com-ments or from viewi-ng class-ic que-eerty — import-ant 4 those off us on iPhomes, blac-kber-ries, etc, and did so in the mid-st of rumou-rs of their en-d.

    i would gladly fight for th€m, but they wont allow us.

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