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PHOTOS: Shannon And Seema’s Beautiful Indian Wedding


In early June, Steph Grant photographed Shannon and Seema’s wedding. The Indian wedding, which was held in Los Angeles, took place before the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and Prop 8 but those issues seemed far from anyone’s mind. Grant wrote on her blog that she was in a “house full of friends, family and a lot of laughter.” Grant beautifully captured the culture and vibrance of the wedding. Check out a few photos from their special day and be sure to check out the rest album at her site, www.stephgrantphotography.com.

The moment before walking down the aisle.


The ceremony.




The union


The moment after


The celebration



[Photos: Steph Grant]

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  • sfbeast

    Beautiful. I hope they went and made it official when Prop 8 was defeated.

  • Shadeaux

    They are beauties! CONGRATZ to them!

  • Jayson


  • Teleny

    I gotta 3rd the “Beautiful!”


    We hope they have many days and nights as loving as meaningful, as their wedding day.
    Philip & John./NYC

  • TerribleTom

    Hate to be the fly in the punchbowl, but this couple is actually SUPER unhappy that this is getting noticed. They’re very private people, and while it’s nice to see people respecting someone else’s culture & relationship & stuff, this couple would rather not have their Special Day splashed all over the same greasy internet we all grub & slaver over each day.

    The couple depicted above would rather NOT be featured, to be clear, and would prefer the photos not be disseminated further. Thank you! :)

  • jatin

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  • jatin

    its totally wrong.only male and female made for each other.female -female could be a good friend.its totally against the nature.because simply love exist between everyone ,but romnatic love is right only for male and female,because the right sex organs have only male nd female.marrige should be between male and female.it destroy our society and its very dangors for male and female relatioship,it is only bad habit not a love.our god have female partener if u belive god.no any god exist? which wil

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