Lorde Encourages Fans To Kiss Westboro Protesters, “Wear Rainbow” At Upcoming Show

Lorde_1311s_600_428_100Teenage songwriting sensation Lorde may not be a lesbian, but she wants a metric shit ton of them to come out and kiss at her show in Kansas City on Friday.

The 17-year-old songstress found out the Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing her ungodly ways in the parking lot this weekend, as they’ve previously done for “fag enabling perverts” One Direction, and she’s decided to stage an anti-protest of her own.

Lorde hopped on Twittter last night to encourage anyone coming to her show to “wear rainbow clothing” and “kiss church members who are same sex as you.” The tweets, cached below, have since been deleted. Fortunately, nothing on the Internet ever dies:


Earlier this week, WBC released an official statement regarding their picket of Lorde’s show, eloquently “barfing” in print:

New Zealand came forth with a young lassie that doesn’t have enough sense to put in a thimble. Now the world has elevated her to the status of an idol. Then the world began to weigh in. They think this and that and blah, blah, barf.

The only barf-inducing thing here is Westboro’s recent cover of Lorde’s “Royals”. Listen below, and have a trash bin handy:


Former WBC pastor Fred Phelps will obviously not be in attendance, you know, since he’s too busy dying right now.