Lutherans Threaten to Withhold the Benjamins From Gay-Loving Church

Like any church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America can only survive with parishioners’ donations. Which is why presiding Bishop Mark Hanson is pleading with the church’s 4.7 million members not to begin withholding donations as a means of protesting the recent homo vote.

The conservative group Lutheran CORE is advising members to “direct funding away from the national church,” because of the way delegates voted last month, which CORE’s director Rev. Mark Chavez called “a departure from God’s clear word.”

It’s got Hanson reminding ELCA members that holding out on the church’s coffers is, like, sacrilegious and stuff: “Although these actions are promoted as a way to signal opposition to churchwide assembly actions or even to punish the voting members who made them, the result will be wounds that we inflict on ourselves, our shared life, and our mission in Christ.”

Namely, who’s gonna pay all those pastors writing for Queerty?