Madonna And Elton John Kiss And Make Up In South Of France

It looks like Elton John and Madonna have retracted their claws, at least temporarily. The two were spotted chatting at a chichi eatery in the South of France.

The two have been snipping at each other for years—John recently chided Madge for looking like a “fairground stripper” and lashed out at her for dissing Lady Gaga. But it appears they’ve reconciled.

During a concert in the South of France, Madonna dedicated “Masterpiece” to the out pop icon, saying I know he’s a big fan of it, and I know he’s a big fan of mine. And you know what, I forgive him. You gotta start somewhere.”

Turns out the two made kissy-kissy earlier just before. Reports the Sun:

When the pair bumped into each other at a posh restaurant in the south of France last week, fellow diners couldn’t be blamed for hiding behind their breadsticks.

But the stars have finally managed to put their public battle behind – as they kissed and made up in front of everyone eating at La Petite Maison in Nice. A source said: “Elton goes to the Petite Maison for dinner fairly regularly as it’s near his villa in Mont Boron.

“But Madonna was also there for a bite before her show, which was down the road and didn’t start until around 10.30pm. Just as he was leaving, he went over to talk to Madonna and they were laughing and smiling.”

The insider added: “They even hugged each other.”

Did anyone look for blade handles sticking out of their backs?