Do All Celebrities Become Religious Vehicles?

Madonna’s Kabbalah Scam?

Actors, singers, diplomats and various celebrities will turn out in full force February 9th for the Gucci-hosted “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF.” Held at New York’s UN headquarters, the event will rake dough for Madonna and Kabbalah-guru Michael Berg’s non-profit, Raising Malawi. Fox News’ Roger Friedman, however, claims the two are up to no good:

…Neither Gucci nor UNICEF is aware — even though it’s been noted here many times — that Raising Malawi is merely a front for Philip Berg’s Kabbalah Center of Los Angeles. In fact, before anyone writes a check: Raising Malawi is also still not a registered charity. All of its forms, filings and press releases direct back to the Kabbalah Center.

Berg’s son Michael started Raising Malawi under the pretext of helping orphans in that impoverished country. But after Madonna helped herself to one, David Banda, Berg and the rest of the Kabbalah/Raising Malawi team went to work on their real cause: indoctrinating unsuspecting Malawi orphans into their brand of mysticism.

Raising Malawi uses the “Spirituality for Kids” program, which Friedman likens to Kabbalah “curriculum”.