Maine’s Gay Marriage Advocate Bruce LaVallee-Davidson Convicted In Bizarre Gun-Play Threeway Death

There’s another trial going on besides Perry that involves two gay men and marriage, but not in the way you would think. This is a criminal trial, where Bruce LaVallee-Davidson, Maine activist who fought for same-sex marriage there, was just convicted of manslaughter after killing his friend Fred Wilson “during a drug-fueled, three-way sex party that lasted 12 hours.” Neither the prosecution nor defense believed he intended to kill anyone, but that involving loaded guns, with the safeties off, in their sex play was negligent. While LaVallee-Davidson — who testified at a public hearing defending gay marriage just four days after Wilson’s body was discovered — held the gun to Wilson’s head, Wilson was engaged in sex with a third partner, James Pombriant.

One of his lawyers, Mike Whipple, said his client checked three times over the course of the night to make sure the .44-caliber Rossi revolver wasn’t loaded. Whipple contends it’s likely Wilson loaded the gun while Lavallee-Davidson briefly stepped away to use the bathroom.

When Lavallee-Davidson returned, Wilson asked him to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger to intensify his pleasure, the defense had argued. On the first try, there was a click when Lavallee-Davidson pulled the trigger. Wilson asked him to do it again, and there was a flash, the defense said.

LaVallee-Davidson faces 30 years in prison.