Maine’s Gay Marriage Advocate Bruce LaVallee-Davidson Convicted In Bizarre Gun-Play Threeway Death

There’s another trial going on besides Perry that involves two gay men and marriage, but not in the way you would think. This is a criminal trial, where Bruce LaVallee-Davidson, Maine activist who fought for same-sex marriage there, was just convicted of manslaughter after killing his friend Fred Wilson “during a drug-fueled, three-way sex party that lasted 12 hours.” Neither the prosecution nor defense believed he intended to kill anyone, but that involving loaded guns, with the safeties off, in their sex play was negligent. While LaVallee-Davidson — who testified at a public hearing defending gay marriage just four days after Wilson’s body was discovered — held the gun to Wilson’s head, Wilson was engaged in sex with a third partner, James Pombriant.

One of his lawyers, Mike Whipple, said his client checked three times over the course of the night to make sure the .44-caliber Rossi revolver wasn’t loaded. Whipple contends it’s likely Wilson loaded the gun while Lavallee-Davidson briefly stepped away to use the bathroom.

When Lavallee-Davidson returned, Wilson asked him to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger to intensify his pleasure, the defense had argued. On the first try, there was a click when Lavallee-Davidson pulled the trigger. Wilson asked him to do it again, and there was a flash, the defense said.

LaVallee-Davidson faces 30 years in prison.

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  • Charlie

    Stupid is as stupid does – 30 years is a tragedy, but really, are we so depraved that we have to incorporate gun play into our sex lives?

  • Qjersey

    The insane shit guys get into when high on meth or coke. What ever happened to a sloppy drunk fuck?

  • terrwill

    Whilst I am tempted to make a snide crack ova this one (and god knows there are dozens of puns to be made…….) I can only think that like a similar thread in these here parts recently, I hope that Maggot Gallagher and her wicked minions don’t get wind of this one……..Anything to muddy up the Gay images……

    And is anyone else getting that most annoying couple popping up about san lucia? That has to be the most annoying ad I have ever encounterd. They start babbling immediatley and you can’t X them away……..Great way to make your locale a huge NOT on list of places to play…………

  • Kris

    @Ron, I would argue (and win) that straight people are equally as “fucked” in the head.

    It’s a shame that when so many of us, including LaVallee-Davidson, are fighting for same sex marriage benefits, that he would participate in something so risky that undermines the sanctity of that for which we fight.

  • Judith

    Just proves that fags are as sick as heteros…

  • Sumatra

    Who is Maggot Gallagher?

  • Fitz

    First off- this just in: guilty of manslaughter. (from the advocate).
    This is sick twisted shit, and I feel righteously judgmental about it. I don’t have to accept every form of sexuality just because I am gay. This BDSM shit goes WAY too far. Deal with your shadows, don’t act them out. I have zero respect (this is directed squarely at you C.M.) for people who call their partner a slave or a dom, then want to fight for equal rights. ZERO.

  • terrwill

    @Sumatra: That’s like asking a Jew who Hitler is : P

    Maggot is a vile old crunt who’s life mission along with her wicked minions is to deny us our rights, and has been on the forefront of the anti Gay marriage movement………

    I was reading the paper this morning whilst eating breakfast and turned the page and saw her syndicated colum along with her repulsive mug and I almost tossed my cheerios…………..

  • JR

    Oh please, William S. Burroughs (junky) shot his wife in the head while playing ‘Wilhelm Tell’ during a wild party above a bar in Mexico City back in the 50’s… I’m not insinuating that he was a moniker of good taste, but people do stupid shit. People have always done stupid shit and will continue to do so in the future. Maybe ‘our’ leaders have to hold themselves up to higher standards than the everyone else, but they are never immune from the tragic flaw of being born human… So bring on miss fatty pants Gallagher! I can’t believe that anybody would be afraid of that hate-filled bitch! Everyone acts as though she’s got a huge granite cock that swings between her cankles!


  • James UK

    What does this have to do with the price of fish?

    Phil Spector could still get married to a woman and I’m sure once could find a gold digger who no doubt would welcome a proposal.

    According to the Constitution, that doesn’t justify preventing incarcerated male killers with a history of drug/alcohol induced violence towards women marrying a female.

    The actions of Spector have no more impact on Joe marrying Betty than this dickhead’s actions ought to have on Joe marrying Fred.

    Please try to keep a sense of perspective.

    NOM hates us because we are queer. Not because of, or in spite of anything else that we might be, do, or say. That isn’t a reason to hate ourselves.

    Or to allow what NOM and their fellow travellers may or may not think to frame the terms of debate on any issue.

  • hyhybt

    30 years seems a lot higher than usual for manslaughter.

  • terrwill

    @hyhybt: Ya think?

    Maine penalties for murder and manslaughter:

    Table 1 — Criminal Offenses Class Examples of Offenses Penalty
    Murder Murder 25 years imprisonment to life with no possibility of release.
    A Manslaughter, kidnapping, rape, arson Not to exceed 30 years imprisonment and/or $50,000 fine.

    He gots the max…………. Maybe that was the “thanks” for his contribution to the debate………..

  • Fitz

    @hyhybt: Hopefully he wont live long enough to serve them. I sincerely hope that his cohorts take him out in the most painful way possible.

  • graham

    @terrwill: @hyhybt:

    He hasn’t been sentenced yet. The maximum penalty is 30 years. The minimum penalty is 4 years. He won’t be sentenced until late March.

  • terrwill

    @graham: TYVM!

  • Rob Taylor

    Sorry Ron et al but this is a drug thing not a gay thing. I have plenty of stories on my blog of stoners doing stuff more fucked up than this. Of course I’ll be including this one since it’s pretty much an example of why I hate baby boomers and pot smokers.

    Ugh. You don’t have to be a homophobe to be nauseated by the thought of three leathery (no pun intended)old men in a basement “sex dungeon” getting high and playing Russian Roulette in between geriatric threesome.

  • soul_erosion

    @NO.3 Terrwill:”is anyone else getting that annoying couple popping up?” One of last year’s Pogie Awards for best tech gadgets was READABILITY which eliminates all ads, including those most annoying flash ads from most sites. It works on Queerty. It’s an easy two step FREE download. You choose style (newspaper, ebook, etc)then font size (small,large,medium)margin size (narrow, wide, etc) then either drag the little READABILITY box to your browser “Favorites” or right click on the READABILITY box and choose “add to favorites.” Available here: You will love it. Now in order to comment on a story you must refresh the original page. It’s especially great when reading the New York Times or other papers.

  • hyhybt

    @soul_erosion: I wouldn’t want to block *all* the ads; web sites have to pay for themselves somehow, and the non-obnoxious ones ones I do remember on the vanishingly rare times it’s something I might be interested in. It’s just that there needs to be some way for the ones that DON’T block content and DON’T make me turn off my speakers to pay enough… Oddly, I’ve been seeing that thing all day and still don’t know what it’s advertising, though I did turn the sound off after the second time. Which is annoying because it means I can’t listen to iTunes or have a TV show in another window while browsing.

  • Mick Russom

    What a foul disease ridden pig. Too bad he will get some free fun in the big-house where he will probably turn into a sister prison biatch and have fun doing it.

    We get to feed this hepatitis pig while he enjoys getting run through in the big house.

  • soul_erosion

    @No.18 HYHYBT: well that’s the beauty of readability. Once you’ve finished reading the article without the distracting ads, you merely refresh the page & it goes right back to having the ads that you may want to look at or click on. It’s not permanent.

  • Jaroslaw

    This seems to be a drug thing as already mentioned, but the case can be made that by denying Gay people dignity, marriage etc.(full adulthood with all the accompanying rights and responsibilities) we are kept at perpetual adolesence which certainly contributes to things like this.

  • zenflo

    People all over our great spinning orb do things of unimaginable stupidity every day.

    The impaired gay joker (story above) saw fit to combine a gun and rough sex.

    Elsewhere, two “they-just-have-to-be” straight men entered a TV talent competition, with unintended results.

    The clip is not suitable for adolescents or anyone of faint heart. If you do begin viewing it, there is ample time for you to infer the conclusion and click away before the, er… end.

    Hardy souls can take the “h” train to


    No one forced you, Tiffany.

    A bit apples and oranges, no doubt. Simply underscoring that gays have not cornered the market on ill-advised entertainment.

  • zenflo

    The apple reference was very veiled, but think William Tell. Now you have no excuses.

  • Bomba

    The world is so fucked up. Thank God is coming to an end in 2012….

  • Jeff

    Why is always the really unattractive ones that are into this shit? Oh well, no loss. See you at the bars, Boys!

  • hyhybt

    @Jeff: It’s not such a bad thing: presumably, you wouldn’t want to hook up with someone who’s going to shoot you in the head anyway. If he’s ugly, you won’t be tempted to.

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