Hitting The Fan

Mainstream Media Joins Queerty In Calling Bullshit on Obama’s Empty Gay Promises

With average Americans and blogs like Queerty questioning where President Obama is on gay issues, the mainstream media has finally taken up the issue. Rachel Maddow hit on Obama’s empty promises. The Times weighed in. Now CNN, above. Obama’s supporters can continue calling Obama “the most pro-gay president ever” — which we would agree with — but in the most GAY-FRIENDLY CLIMATE AMERICA HAS EVER SEEN, he’s still done virtually nothing to make good on his campaign promises. Glad to see the mainstream press catching on.

While individual states are passing same-sex marriage legislation without Obama’s help, and the Democratic controlled Congress moved through a gay hate crimes bill, there’s plenty of other work for Obama to do. Namely, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which claimed Dan Choi as the first Arabic linguist dismissed under the Obama administration.

Obama’s defenders will say an act of Congress is required to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Technically, they are right. But with THE STROKE OF A PEN, President Obama, who is our military’s commander-in-chief, could also tell the military to IMMEDIATELY STOP INVESTIGATING anyone for violating DADT policies.

It’s that simple. No, really. IT IS.

President Harry Truman managed to kill segregation in the military with the stroke of a pen. Obama can cement yet another place in history by doing the same.