Majority Of Americans Would Vote For Gay Prez, Sez Poll

The latest season has been a test of the States’ electoral acceptance.

Never before have we seen a black man come so far along the Presidential path. It’s apparent the United States is facing a social puberty of sorts, shedding its “traditional” views and expanding the national horizons.

And race isn’t the only thing that’s changing.

According to a Zogby International poll, a majority of Americans would vote for an openly gay president:

More than six in ten U.S. voters say they could support an openly gay candidate for president of the United States, and 70% say they’d support the appointment of an openly gay cabinet secretary, according to a new nationwide poll from Zogby International.

Sixty-six percent of poll respondents said they could support an openly gay vice-presidential candidate, while 69% said a gay candidate for U.S. Senate could get their vote. The poll of 1,089 adults was conducted August 13 to 15 for the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute (GLLI), a non-partisan leadership development organization.

Of course, these results could be a bit skewed. No one wants to come out and say, “No, I wouldn’t vote for no homo.” It’s just tacky…