British and Chinese Nationals Among Those Arrested

Malaysian Sex Raid Stings 34

A sex party’s end came too quickly Sunday in Malaysia when Penang-based police raided a “fitness center-cum-sauna,” according to The Star.

A concerned citizen tipped vice cops off that space had been used for clandestine trysts – and boy were they right. In addition to rounding up 34 men – including British and Chinese nationals – coppers found seven tubes of lube, 20 gay magazines, four pornographic movies and six boxes of condoms. Quite the party!

SUnday’s raid isn’t the first of its kind. Penang police busted two other parties back in April – all part of their continued mission to crackdown on “vice” activities. The sex party’s are especially naughty because sodomy remains illegal in Malaysia.

No word on what will become of the men rounded up Sunday, but we’re sure it won’t be good.