Man Accused Of Keeping 12 Male Sex Slaves, Branding Them With Tattoos

635784645100175999-Crumpler-2c-Sean-Travis-111266-Aurora-sex-trafficing-of-a-minorA Colorado man is accused of housing up to as many as dozen male runaways, offering them room and board in exchange for bareback sex and allegedly branding at least one of them with a tattoo.

48-year-old Sean Crumpler (pictured) of Aurora, CO has been charged with 12 counts related to sex trafficking. According to sources, he “hunted” for victims on Grindr, specifically targeting homeless youth or young men in desperate need of assistance.

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In an interview with FOX31-TV, a 23-year-old man whose identity has not been released, said his 20-year-old ex-boyfriend was one of Crumpler’s victims. The 20-year-old met Crumpler when he was just 16 and eventually got a tattoo of a bird with the word “Sean” underneath.

“He told me that it was because they were supposed to get it,” the 23-year-old explained, “and because it kept away all the other ‘sugar daddies’ when they are out partying or at the club.”

Though the 23-year-old admits he never met Crumpler personally, he visited the house on occasion. According to local police and the FBI, as many as a dozen males between the ages of 16 and 21 were living there rent-free in exchange for bareback sex with Crumpler.

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“Most of the time when Sean was away,” the 23-year-old explained. “They’d have other guys over and have sex with them, but when Sean was there, they were forced to have sex with whoever he said.”

According to the 23-year-old, when the men weren’t engaging in sex, they spent their time playing video games, watching TV and posting homemade amateur porn online.

In the arrest affidavit, one of the victims said he knew “Crumpler is HIV-positive” but that safe sex was not practiced in the house.

“The young gentleman that I met with said some of the other boys were HIV positive but they were taking medication to suppress it,” the 23-year-old told FOX31-TV. “They don’t realize they’re victims. They think he’s there to help them.”

Crumpler, who owns a motel in Thailand, had his passport revoked at a court hearing earlier this week. The judge also forbid him for using the Internet for anything other than “work-related duties and responsibilities.” He will return to court for a preliminary hearing on November 23.

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