Man blasts reality show for not finding him a husband, says he’s been ‘played as a fool’

A gay man in Australia feels totally used and abused after he wasn’t cast in the upcoming season of the hit reality show Married at First Sight Australia.

Wil Karroum is a gay Muslim man living in Melbourne. He says he was “strung along” by producers for almost half a year before they ultimately rejected him in an email.

“I understand rejection is a part of life,” he tells Daily Mail Australia. “But I feel like I’ve been played as a fool and had a carrot dangled in front of me.”

The premise of Married at First Sight is pretty straightforward: Random couples are paired up. They meet and get married all on their first date. Then audiences watch as the relationships quickly crumble.

Karroum says he was told “over 1,000 gay people had applied” for the show’s upcoming season, so he was confused when producers said they couldn’t find him a match.

“I foolishly believed the process and I genuinely want to find love,” he laments.

Karroum also says he filled out countless questionnaires, participated in several phone interviews, and was even invited to meet an executive producer during the casting process.

He says some of the questions he was asked during that meeting were “very intrusive” and “severely personal,” including one about his favorite sexual position, but he went along with it in hopes of finding a husband.

“I’m a gay Muslim man and I get no support from my family,” he says. “I need all the help I can get.”

To add insult to injury, Karroum says he canceled a pre-planned holiday and postponed moving as he waited to find out whether he would be cast.

Then he got the devastating email saying he had not been selected to appear on the show.

Producers say over 10,000 people applied to be on the show, but only 20 or so of them were LGBTQ, not 1000 as Karroum claims.

“There weren’t a huge number of gay applicants, but we interviewed quite a few individuals from around Australia,” a spokesperson for the show explains. “Unfortunately, we didn’t feel there was a good enough match. We didn’t want to include a gay couple just for the sake of appearances.”

QNews reports that Karroum may have actually dodged a bullet by not being cast. Married At First Sight featured a gay couple, Craig and Andy, in 2016, and their marriage was a total disaster.

The relationship only lasted a few days and resulted in Craig saying the whole experience had been “downright torture” and left him with PTSD.

“I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that it would have been this tragic,” he said afterwards, adding the he felt “emotionally raped” by the entire experience.

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