Road rage

Man charged with assault for homophobic attack… over a parking space

Michael Roylos via Facebook

Police in Portland have charged Michael Roylos, age 63, with a felony attack following a homophobic altercation in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Alana Reali, 38, posted details of the attack to Facebook prior to police filing formal charges. In her post, she details how Roylos called her a “f*cking f*ggot” after criticizing the way she parked her car.

The Bangor Daily News further reports: “Reali had entered the Shaw’s parking lot to park her car when she encountered Roylos, who was exiting the supermarket with his groceries. She pulled her vehicle into one parking spot between two large trucks and slowly crossed the dividing line into another empty spot as Roylos watched from outside his vehicle.”

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Then things turned ugly. Roylos approached Reali, criticizing her for reckless driving. As she tried to walk away Roylos then told her “that was the last time [she will] get away with that.” Reali told Roylos to leave her alone, but instead he called her a homophobic slur. Feeling unsafe, she returned to her car to get her phone to film Roylos. He then attacked her, putting her in a chokehold, punching her, and threatening her life.

“I’ll kill you, f*ggot,” Roylos allegedly screamed.

As Reali begged for her life, several witnesses phoned police. When they arrived, they found the pair separated, and Reali laying on the ground. She was later treated for injuries, at a nearby hospital.

At the time of this writing, Michael Roylos has yet to comment on the incident or the charges against him.

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