Man Claims: GlaxoSmithKline’s Parkinson’s Drug Turned Me Into a Gay Internet Sex Addict

Didier Jambart, a married father of two, is suing British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline for making him a gay sex and gambling addict. How’s that again?

After taking the drug Requip since 2003 to treat his Parkinson’s disease, Jambart says the pills created a craving to gamble and sleep with men compulsively. The box never listed that as a side effect! Jambart, a 51-year-old French man, filed suit for $610,000, claiming GSK is responsible for his unrelenting desire to cross-dress, cruise the Internet, and put him in a situation where another man raped him. Those “symptoms” stopped in 2005, the same time he quit using the drug, but not after he lost his government job. (He’s also suing his neurologist.)

I am by no means qualified to speculate what GSK’s drugs are capable of, but if the drug maker was smart it would pay the six-figure settlement, and then invest eight figures into R&D to figure out how to turn Requip into the new Viagra. In the meantime, Jambart should look into this product: