Pulled Out

Man who claims his iPhone made him gay drops lawsuit against Apple

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A Russian man who filed a $15,000 lawsuit against Apple in which he claimed the phone coerced him into using gay cryptocurrency–thus making him gay–has withdrawn his suit.

The man in question, identified only as DE Razumilov, no longer wishes to continue the suit, citing pressure from cyberbullies according to reports. Both DE Razumilov and his attorney, Sapizhat Gusnieva, claim they endured harassment from fans of Apple as a result of the suit. An ongoing court case would have meant even more attention, as well as required courtroom attendance.

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Razumilov had previously claimed that he had received a cryptocurrency known as “GayCoins” through his iPhone. Not long after, he began a relationship with another man and did not know how to explain his boyfriend to his parents. The nation of Russia has attracted international criticism for harassment of queer people and anti-gay laws.

Next time, maybe the guy should just try Hornet?