Man Ponders How He’ll Ever Find Real Love When He’s Obsessed With Hooking Up


It’s hard out there for an over-sexed Millennial with an iPhone armed with every gay hookup app known to man.

At least, according to 20-something blogger Nixon Gold.

“Sex, like most Millennials, has been on my brain a lot lately,” Gold writes in a post titled Confessions Of A Gay Man Looking For Love In The Hook-Up Generation. “And when I say a lot, I pretty much mean every single day for the last 20 f*cking years.”

Gold claims that “not a single day” passes when he doesn’t think about, engage in, or watch other people have sexual relations with one another.

“So my question is this: Am I alone?” he ponders. “Or are there other people who are just as horny, but who aren’t talking about it?”

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Gold estimates that “at any given time, all over gay New York City there are two people going at it like a pair of horny teenagers whose parents just left them alone for the weekend.”

“Sound outrageous?” he asks. “Don’t believe me? Well, I’m telling you because who and what I just described is me.”

Gold goes on to say that he has “lots and lots of sex.”

“Sometimes it’s with multiple partners, and sometimes it’s twice a day,” he brags. “Sometimes it happens in the most unlikely of places. It can be sweaty, aggressive romps in cramped stairwells. It can be loud, passionate love-making in spacious lofts with stunning panoramic views. It can be quick, seedy one-offs in Midtown hotel rooms.”

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But it’s not all glamour. Because despite having sex pretty much whenever and where ever with whomever he pleases, deep down Gold fears his insatiable sexual appetite may be ruining his chances of ever finding true, meaningful love.

“Is all of this sexual activity ruining the idea of traditional monogamy?” he wonders. “Is it just so easy to get laid these days that the sole idea of only having sex with one person is no longer desirable?”

He says he tried being in a relationship one time. It lasted seven months before he realized “I just wasn’t feeling sexually satisfied f*cking the same person night after night.”

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Gold admits that there’s something “very appealing” about settling down with one guy and starting a family together, but he fears he may not be suited for it.

“As attractive and secure as that sounds, I wonder, will it ever be enough?” he asks. “When you go from having multiple sex partners in a week, can you suddenly be satisfied with just one?”

What do you think? Have dating apps completely killed the chances for future generations of gay men to partake in monogamous relationships? Sound off in the comments section below.