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Man seeks his crew’s opinions of nude pic before sending to girlfriend

(Photo posed by model: Unsplash/Twitter)

We’re so used to reading about straight men freaking out over admiration of the male body that it makes something of a refreshing change to see guys supporting one another when it comes to their physical insecurities.

That could be one reason why a screenshot of a group chat between a group of men has gone viral on Twitter.

Posted by Twitter used Dan White (@atdanwhite), it says: “Love this. My buddy is nervous because his long-distance girlfriend asked him to send her a dick pic. This is what your crew is for.”

He attached a screenshot of some of the messages exchanged.

“I don’t know…u think she’ll like it?” asks the boyfriend, Derrick, beneath the photo.

“She will LOVE it. Trust us,” replies Dan.

“It honestly looks really good, Derrick,” responds a man named Shane.

“Does the lighting make my balls look weird?” asks Derrick.

“Are you kidding?! The balls are the best part,” responds another member, AJ.

Other members of the chat also praise his balls.

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At the time of writing, the tweet has had over 150k likes and thousands of comments.

“Toxic masculinity is finally dead,” quipped one responder to the tweet.

Others expressed a similar sentiment.

Others complimented some of the group chat responses, prompting White to reveal a little more about his friends.

Others wanted to know how the girlfriend responded. “So did she like it?” asked @SuppyClarke

“Loved it,” replied White. “Took their relationship “to a new level”. We couldn’t be happier for them.”

And many others said that this is what friends are for. “If your crew doesn’t hype you up like this need a new crew,” said @LindseyBrianne.

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