When Did Unsolicited Nudes Become The Appropriate Way To Say Hello?


What’s with guys who think sending a picture of their junk is an appropriate way to start a conversation? That’s what one university student wants to know.

“Recently, I made a short-lived decision to give the dating apps another go,” Tim Mottishaw writes in a new op-ed titled Dick pics don’t make for a good first impression. “I’d forgotten about one of the big things that drove me away last time: dick pics as a greeting.”

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Apparently, Mottishaw is not a fan of dick picks and he wants the gay men of the universe to know: “Sending me a shot of your Mr. Willie is not going to get you anything but blocked.”

“Apps like Grindr, the biggest culprit, have a certain element of ‘this is what it is; people are on here to hook up’ to it,” he says.

But does it have to be like that? he wonders. What about just a good, old-fashioned, “Hey. What’s up?” to get a conversation going? Whatever happened to that?

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Mottishaw admits that he’s “no angel” and that he has definitely sent his fair share of naughty photos to other guys, “yet that also doesn’t excuse the pic as a greeting, or without request.”

“Feel free to send and share sexual pics,” he says. “There are some relationships where that’s acceptable for everyone involved, and even some fetishes and kinks that rely on it, and that’s OK. What isn’t appropriate is using a dick to start a conversation with a stranger, no matter how ‘horned up’ you may be.”

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Finally, to all you potential suitors out there, Mottishaw says the best way to get a response from him is to “say ‘hi,’ comment on my profile, and above all, ask me before you send one.”

What are your thoughts on unsolicited nudie pics?