Man Who Smashed Chair Over Two Gay Men’s Heads Claims He’s The Real Victim

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What started with a spilled cocktail ended with an enraged man calling a gay couple a pair of “white faggots” then smashing a chair over their heads. But don’t get it twisted, folks. Because the attacker now claims that he’s the real victim.

The disturbing incident happened at Dallas BBQ in New York earlier this year. Ethan York-Adams and Jonathan Snipes were enjoying a late night dinner at Dallas BBQ in New York when they had an altercation with Bayna El-Amin over a spilled drink.

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According to the couple, El-Amin beat them to the ground then proceeded to kick them before breaking a wooden chair over their heads while shouting antigay slurs. The entire attack was caught on video.

Now, El-Amin, who is also gay, is suing the couple he beat and witnesses of the attack for defamation, as well as the restaurant because, well, why not? What does he have to lose at this point?

In a complaint filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court, El-Amin claims that since the video of him beating the men went viral he has been labeled as a “homophobic hate criminal” and that it has “destroyed his life.” He also says that his “only crime was to be a man of color wrongly accused by his attacker, a privileged white man.”

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And as for that video, El-Amin claims it was edited and that the its release left him “completely isolated and ostracized from society” and ultimately forced him to go into hiding.

Finally, in response to the whole chair thing, El-Amin claims he was “left with no choice” but to smash it over the men’s heads because he “feared for his life” and he needed a way to “safely retreat from his attackers.”

He is now seeking damages for assault and battery against Snipes and York-Adams, negligence against the restaurant where the incident occurred, and defamation against several witnesses who he feels ratted him out to police.

Watch the disturbing video of the attack below and let us know what you think. Was it edited? Or is El-Amin grasping at straws?

h/t: Pink News

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