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Marjorie Taylor Greene talks about the gays and we’re all a little dumber now

Earlier this week we tried to decipher Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s predictions about government surveillance, Bill Gates and cheeseburgers. It was a whole lot of nut to crack. But the first term congresswoman wasn’t done forecasting into the future.

In the same rant, Greene claimed, “They just want you to think that all of a sudden the entire population is steadily turning gay or turning trans. Just generation, generation, generation. … Probably in about four or five generations, no one will be straight anymore. Everyone will be either gay or trans or nonconforming or whatever the list of 50 or 60 different options there are.”

On top of Greene’s other comments on “peach tree dishes” and government zaps, the Internet has heard just about enough.

Here’s what it had to say in response:

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