Five Simple Questions, Two Free Tickets

Mark Ronson Ticket Contest Explosion!

Hey, you!

If you happen to be looking for free tickets to Mark Ronson’s Friday show at NYC’s Webster Hall, look no further. We got our grubby gay paws on two tickets and we’re just itching to give them up.

The first person who can correctly answer the following questions gets ’em. Better hurry.

1. On Ronson’s recently released Version, which young singer has “never been this far away from home”?

2. Where did Ronson go to college? Hint: our editor went there, too.

3. Which intoxicating album did Ronson help produce?

4. Which name-changing music mogul gave Ronson a big break?

5. How many of Version‘s tracks do not feature other talents?

Post your replies in the comments section. First may be worst, be at least you’ll have two tickets to see super dreamy Ronson.

If you don’t know Ronson, get with it.