Mark Sanford’s No Good, Very Bad Day: His Wife Is Shopping a Book


What do you think is worse news to South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford: That some 60 State House Republicans have called on him to resign? Or that his wife Jenny, who he cheated on, just shopping a book?

Well, Option A is just another nail in the coffin of his career, but perhaps the one that will seal it. And Option B is the prelude to his entire life story, affair and all, being told on someone else’s terms.

The man who refuses to give up his seat (to his anti-gay homosexual Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer) has all but been counted out at this point. Not even his loyal brothers in the State House are standing by him anymore: All but 11 of the 72 Republicans signed the resignation request. All because the man cheated on his wife, fled to Argentina to see his mistress, and returned to deliver the most bizarre of press conferences. Why do these people think any of that has impacted his ability to lead?!

And now Jenny Sanford, clearly over the initial shock, is looking for a payday. Her agent sent out a proposal to publishers on Sunday, and while we don’t know any specifics of what she’ll write about just yet, you can imagine it won’t be a glowing profile of her husband.

Though for reference about what these books turn out to look like, see this manuscript.

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